Weed picture thing

By jd2223 on Aug 11, 2010

Well i found this picture from a friend and decided to add colors and give it an alias, Just upload into your remote and type /weed2

alias weed2 {

  msg $active 1,1_________________3,1WW1,1__________________
  msg $active 1,1________________3,1WWWW1,1_________________
  msg $active 1,1_______________3,1WWWWWW1,1________________
  msg $active 1,1____3,1WW1,1_________3,1WWWWWWW1,1__________3,1WW1,1___
  msg $active 1,1_____3,1WWWW1,1______3,1WWWWWWW1,1______3,1WWWWW1,1____
  msg $active 1,1_____3,1WWWWWW1,1____3,1WWWWWWW1,1___3,1WWWWWWW1,1_____
  msg $active 1,1______3,1WWWWWW1,1___3,1WWWWWWW1,1_3,1WWWWWWW1,1_______
  msg $active 1,1_______3,1WWWWWWW1,1_3,1WWWWWW1,1_3,1WWWWWWW1,1________
  msg $active 1,1_________3,1WWWWWW1,1_3,1WWWWW1,1_3,1WWWWWW1,1_________
  msg $active 1,1_3,1WWWW1,1_____3,1WWWWWW1,1_3,1WWW1,1_3,1WWWW1,1__3,1WWWWWWWW1,1__
  msg $active 1,1__3,1WWWWWWWWW1,1__3,1WWWW1,1_3,1W1,1_3,1WWW1,1_3,1WWWWWWWWW1,1____
  msg $active 1,1_____3,1WWWWWWWWW1,1__3,1W1,1_3,1W1,1_3,1W1,1_3,1WWWWWWWWW1,1______
  msg $active 1,1_________3,1WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW1,1________
  msg $active 1,1______________3,1WWW1,1_3,1W1,1_3,1WWWW1,1_____________
  msg $active 1,1____________3,1WWWWW1,1_3,1W1,1__3,1WWWWW1,1___________
  msg $active 1,1___________3,1WW1,1_____3,1W1,1______3,1WW1,1__________


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JoRdY   -  Aug 12, 2010


Jethro   -  Aug 12, 2010

Depending on what country you live in, but in the USA, it's illegal to smoke weed with the possession of it. :p

Aucun50   -  Aug 11, 2010

Lol nice.

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