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By biase on Aug 10, 2010

Well after mirc v7 come with /speak command, i think its time for me to release one of my alias that do the same as /speak but with no option/parameter.
This alias obviously can make mIRC speak same as mIRC v7 /speak command.
For people who dont want to use mirc v7, but like to use /speak with old version, now this is your chance,
grab this junk code put and save it in remote section and just type:

Two reasons why i dont make any option:
1) Im not very good in $COM
2) Too lazy and busy with real life (trying to get my life better)

You can edit this code as you like but please keep my name as credit.

;; Usage: /speak <string>
;; eg: /speak Go go Uncle Google
; Author = bruas
alias speak {
  .comopen speak SAPI.SpVoice
  noop $&
    $com(speak,Volume,5,i1,100) $&
    $com(speak,Rate,5,i1,1) $&
    $com(speak,Voice,5,i1,$com(speak,GetVoices,1,bstr,Item,int,0)) $&
    $com(speak,Speak,1,bstr,$iif($1,$1-,laugh out loud))
  .comclose speak


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Jethro   -  Jun 10, 2012

I'm sure there are old timers who'd rather use the "classic mIRC," and this alias comes in handy for them to live by.

biase   -  Jun 10, 2012

this function will speak your text
just type in mirc:
/speak khaleed madam bay

and it will say it for you
PS: you dont need to use this snippet/alias in you mirc because /speak command already built in in mIRC v7 and greater.

Warriorii   -  May 30, 2012

i'm running mirc 7.22 and i didnt know anything about it lol. just what is it and how do u use it

Snip3KitTy   -  Aug 14, 2010

Which i never read as i cba :P

biase   -  Aug 14, 2010

that's why mIRC installation comes with versions.txt lol

Snip3KitTy   -  Aug 13, 2010

ive had v7 since it released and only just found out now about this lmao

Jethro   -  Aug 13, 2010

Snip3KitTy wrote:

Never knew about the /speak command till now :D'cause it's a relatively new command introduced to v7.0 and up.

Snip3KitTy   -  Aug 13, 2010

Never knew about the /speak command till now :D

biase   -  Aug 12, 2010

Thanks Aucun50

Aucun50   -  Aug 11, 2010

Works fine on Windows 7 biase.

Sorasyn   -  Aug 11, 2010

Decent on Win7 is kinda quiet though

biase   -  Aug 11, 2010

works well on xp, not sure on win7 may be someone can test for us

Jethro   -  Aug 10, 2010

Good work. This is useful for those who haven't decided to upgrade.

Aucun50   -  Aug 10, 2010


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