Yiff menu (NSFW)

By TheRampantFurry on Aug 10, 2010

This is a script I made for fellow furries. :D When you right click on somebody's name, you can open the yiff menu, which allows you to perform yiffy actions to somebody. There are 3 categories. PG, PG-13, R. Warning, the R rated one is pretty graphic. Just paste it in the remotes :D. Btw, this is my first script. It works fine for me, let me know if I can do anything to improve it.

menu nicklist {
  ..Fursuit:/me puts on his fursuit and chases $1 around while giggling
  ..Tickle:/me tickles $1's sides
  ..Pounce:/me pounces on $1
  ..Lick:/me slurps $1
  ..Sniff:/me sniffs $1 with his nuzzle
  ..Dragonkiss:/me gives $1 a kiss on the lips with his nuzzle.
  ..Lap:/me curls up in $1's lap
  ..hug:/me hugs $1
  ..cuddle:/me cuddles $1
  .PG 13
  ..Rub:/me rubs up against $1
  ..Tailgrab:/me pulls $1 over with his tail
  ..pin:/me pins $1 to the ground and grins.
  ..MaleSlit:/me rubs his bulging male slit against $1
  ..DragonDickstraight:/me rubs his erect dragon dick against $1's crotch
  ..Dragondickgay:/me rubs his erect dragon dick against $1's ass
  ..Dragasm:/me howls and roars, spewing a puff of fire into the air as he ejaculates into $1
  ..Dicktease:/me teases $1's lips with his erect phallus.


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TheRampantFurry   -  Aug 20, 2010

lol sorry. This is actually based off of the pain menu script.

weishaupt   -  Aug 12, 2010

i link an image from a website that has questionable content...but the image is just a screenshot of my very clean and SFW wallpaper...and i get a warning and the message that "next time it happens, you will be banned." then this guy posts a script that talks about sticking dragon penises in asses...and gets away with it. for shame hawkee.

Jethro   -  Aug 11, 2010

I'm sure you can find a NSFW quotes from a website and make a socket out of it. Here is one from twitter: http://twitter.com/random_nsfw

napa182   -  Aug 10, 2010

lolwut @ ..MaleSlit:/me rubs his bulging male slit against $1

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