Spin The Pool Stick

By Phil_FW on Aug 09, 2010

This is my first script. i know its a bit simple but hey, simple things can still be fun. Just type !spinit to activate. have fun!

on *:text:!spinit:#:{
  var %nick = $nick(#,$r(1,$nick(#,0)))
  set %nick $nick(#,$rand(1,$nick(#,0)),a)
  describe $chan 12spins the fucking 6pool stick...
  timer 1 3 msg $chan 12The 6pool stick 12is slowing down you impatient ass...
  timer 1 7 msg $chan 12The 6pool stick 12stopped bitch...
  timer 1 9 msg $chan 12It fuckin landed on...
  timer 1 11 msg $chan 14 %nick $+ !
  if (%nick == $nick) { .timer 1 12 msg $chan 12Spin Again $nick }
  else { timer 1 13 msg $chan 12 $nick must $gettok(9bite|9kiss|9fuck|9have a baby with|9lick|9make out with|9cum on|9love|9huggle|9shoot|9stab|9rape|9make fun of|scare the shit out of|sing for|spray water all over|throw squid at|marry ,$r(1,18),124) %nick $+ ! } 


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Phil_FW   -  Aug 10, 2010


Jethro   -  Aug 10, 2010

Well, for your own use, that's fine. But there are kids who frequent Hawkee here and that brings a bad influence...but these days kids do mature fast and they know a lot, thanks to our ever-so-advanced media and all that...

Phil_FW   -  Aug 09, 2010

why not. lol.. foul language makes it less boring :P

napa182   -  Aug 09, 2010

why do you have it set a local then set a global var for?
also you should silence an name the timers.
you should add a few more checks as if %nick = the bot or who ever is running the snippet. as well as add some kind of flood pro to it.
Get rid of the global var an use a local.
maybe make it check if there are more then 3 people in the channel.
why all the foul language?

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