Open Port Scanner

By Ghost-writer on Aug 04, 2010

Open port scanner
This scans all the ports specified in the script, you can change them.

To use this type /testport Server/website/shell

Hope you like it ;)

I'm sorry I had to make this in msl, I will make it in perl soon hopefully ;).

alias testport {
if ($1) {
  var %x 10
;Total number of ports that you are scanning, if you add a port change this part.
  while (%x) {
;Ports to scan.
    var %g $gettok(9000 6665 6666 8080 6667 6669 6668 7000 80 14 12 15,%x,32)
    sockopen testport $+ %g $1 %g
    dec %x
  set %port $1
  .timertclose 1 9 eclose
else echo Please specify a server/website/shell to scan!
alias eclose {
  echo -a None of the ports for %port were open! Make sure you typed the domain correctly and try again.
  sockclose testport*
on *:sockopen:testport*: {
  echo -a Port $remove($sockname,testport) open for %port
  .timertclose 1 5 sockclose testport*


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