Channel Modes for

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Jul 22, 2010
Updated  Jul 22, 2010


Some channel modes Ops can use for Also a purge script

deletes a users message. user can still talk after getting purged
enables followers only mode
disables followers only mode
[ F ]
only followers can chat. on other servers it may be knows as friends only mode. or something like that.
enables slow mode
-m disables slow mode
[ M ] users have a limit on how much they can say per minute [ does not include ops and voiced users ] on *:text:!purge*:#: {
if ($nick isop $chan) { { kick # $2 | /mode # -b $2 } { notice $2's message has been purged }
on *:text:+f*:#: {
if ($nick isop $chan) { { /mode # +f } { msg $nick # is now in friends only mode }
on *:text:-f*:#: {
if ($nick isop $chan) { { /mode # -f } { msg $nick # is no longer in friends only mode }
on *:text:+m*:#: {
if ($nick isop $chan) { { /mode # +m } { msg $nick # is now in slow mode }
on *:text:-m*:#: {
if ($nick isop $chan) { { /mode # -m } { msg $nick # is no longer in slow mode }


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meluygas   -  Jul 30, 2010
hello thank you for answering keon191 ... would like to know how to put q trivia game or save my money info bot .. I would love for some secillospara study ... I hope your answer thanks:)
Keon191   -  Jul 29, 2010
well meluygas i'll help if i can :) but alot of people here are 1000 times better with scripting than i am :)
meluygas   -  Jul 29, 2010
hello friend i am new to this theme .... I have a bot bot mirc on called meluygas3_ [bot] I wonder if can help me to add some commands ... I hope your answer thanks
Jethro   -  Jul 25, 2010
WorldDMT, perhaps you missed my point. As you can see, Keon191 used
mode # -b $2
So theoretically, that is supposed to be
WorldDMT   -  Jul 25, 2010
you'r welcome bro :D

PS: it's ban -k $2 2
2 is the mask he can change it as he want
Jethro   -  Jul 24, 2010
lol WorldDMT! You've become my personal editor. :P I did think about using $iif, but I just wanted to make it simple for Keon191 to see. Nice job, though. And thanks for looking out for me.

P.S. about the $regml(1) thing, I referred to it because I included the /S modifier, which will strip control codes. Since you have the tokenize 32 $strip($1-) included, you can remove it in the regex. Also, the
kick # $v1
mode # -b $v1
is not the same as
ban -k # $2 $2
Keon191 wants to remove it...the way he made it that way is according to how his server works.
WorldDMT   -  Jul 24, 2010
to avoid repetition u can use $iif() and u can use tokenize and use $1 untead of $regml(1)
and /ban -k to kick ban user

Jethro   -  Jul 22, 2010
Ok, but you should do it with one event, along with some checks to see whether the modes have been set, the $2 is on channel, and the trigger control is implemented in case of spam or flood abuse:
Keon191   -  Jul 22, 2010
on you have to use /unban to remove the 10 min timeout or undo a kick/ban. thats why i used /mode # -b $2 . so they exist on the ban list for 10 min if they were kicked.
Jethro   -  Jul 22, 2010
You only need ONE text event and check for op. You should also include a check to see if the $2 exists in the ban list before removing it.
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