Slaps, Kicks & Bans

By Epik-Fail on Jul 01, 2010

This is my slaps, kicks, bans script. I made this entirely by myself.

How to use:
Right click name and select a kick, ban, slap. This also works in query (Just right click in query window)

[2:49pm] ~Element moonwalks up & down Bender's face
Element moonwalks up & down Element's face

menu nicklist,query {

  $me $+ 's Slaps
  .Funny Actions (Some kick & ban)
  ..Moonwalk: me moonwalks up & down $$1 $+ 's face
  ..Brick[Slap]: me slaps $$1 in the face with a brick | msg $chan 07,01N14ow you00'14re prettier 00:)
  ..Keyboard[Slap]: me slaps $$1 with a keyboard
  ..Crowbar[Slap/Kick]: me follows $$1 into a dark alley | timer 1 2 msg $chan Hey! Test my crowbar | timer 1 4 kick $chan $$1 Lights out mother fucker
  ..Pimp/Dick[Slap]: me Pimp slaps $$1 with his dick
  ..PimpSlap[Slap]: me Pimp slaps $$1
  ..Sniper[Kick/Ban]: me pulls out his Barrett .50 Cal | timer 1 3 me aims at $$1 $+ 's head | timer 1 6 me takes a deep breath | timer 1 8 me shoots his Barrett .50 Cal | timer 1 9 msg $chan 04,01BOOM HEADSHOT!!! - FPS DOUG | timer 1 11 ban $chan $$1 | timer 1 11 kick $chan $$1 04,01R05,01espawning in 10 seconds14,01..
  ..Cuddle[/me]: me cuddles $$1
  ..Roses[/me]: me picks some roses | timer 1 3 me gives the roses to $$1 :)
  .Funny rule kicks
  ..Drama[Kick]: kick $chan $$1 04,01T05,01his is a drama free chatroom14,01, 05,01please14,01. 04,01F05,01uck off
  ..English[Kick]: kick $chan $$1 04,01E05,01nglish mother fucker14,01, 04,01D05,01o you speak it14,01?
  ..Trolling[Kick]: kick $chan $$1 04,01T05,01rolling is a waste of time14,01, 04,01G05,01o get laid
  ..Respect[Kick]: kick $chan $$1 04,01P05,01lease respect all chatters14,01, 05,01dickhead
  ..Spelling[Kick]: kick $chan $$1 04,01G05,01o back to grade 00,011 & 05,01learn how to spell before returning14,01, 05,01thanks  
  ..Age[Kick]: kick $chan $$1 04,01P05,01lease state your age like this14,01: 00,01!18
  ..PM[Kick]: kick $chan $$1 04,01A05,01sk before 04,01PM05,01ing me14,01.
  ..Info: me is using a slaps, kicks, bans script made by Prefix, Element, Epik-Fail


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Jethro   -  Jul 06, 2010

Epik-Fail, your snippet will fail since you indicate that the menu popups is to work for query too, and $chan in the query becomes $null. You may need to change it to $active instead.

Epik-Fail   -  Jul 06, 2010

Making new version of this with the ideas you guys gave me..

I thought it was good but then I got a bunch of ideas I wanted to add to it..


Just like to point out.. This is not really what I spend my time on.. I'm in the middle of scripting a bot & people keep demanding it and the release date keeps getting pushed back by me making changes and me making little scripts/snippets(Whatever) like this..

Meta   -  Jul 01, 2010


Well, the point of my suggestions is so that if you want/try to use one of the kicking commands from a query, out of curiousity, lack of mouse skills, or poor aim or something, you can enter a channel to kick from, and avoid getting errors like "NICK No such channel" in your status window. Hopefully this makes sense.

Edit - Jethro_'s comment wasn't there before.

Also, (/slowmeta) Spanky, /me and /say will work with popup scripts, because the target isn't assumed to be the status window, but the window that you trigger the popup script from. (so /describe and /msg aren't needed)

Jethro   -  Jul 01, 2010

Epik-Fail, you missed the point. Having Kick message or not is optional and not the point here. What meta was telling you is that channel becomes $null in the query, so in meta's example, that $iif will make sure the # is not $null; if so, proceed to kick a user with the channel specified. This avoids an error if the trigger is initiated via the query.

Also, this line:> timer 1 11 ban $chan $$1 | timer 1 11 kick $chan $$1 04,01R05,01espawning in 10 seconds14,01..can be combined into one with the -k switch:

timer 1 11 ban -k $chan $$1 04,01R05,01espawning in 10 seconds14,01..
Epik-Fail   -  Jul 01, 2010

Why would you want kick messages to display in a query? lmao

Meta   -  Jul 01, 2010

A little problem is that many of these won't work in queries, and will generate errors (eg. NICK no such channel) when they are used there. (mainly the ones that kick)

Personally, what I would suggest is replacing any instance of $chan with:
$$iif(#,#,$iif(#$? ischan,$!))

This will let you/the user choose a channel to kick from if they are using the command from a query, but will not generate an error if no channel is chosen, nor if you aren't on the channel written. (A channel won't have to be used if the command is used from the a nicklist.)

Edit - For the message commands, however, I would just replace msg $chan with say

Epik-Fail   -  Jul 01, 2010

Lol Jethro :P

I wasn't making a big deal out of it, I'm just saying what he said to me on mIRC then on here

Jethro   -  Jul 01, 2010

You know, it's really pointless to tell each other who had the idea for the snippet initially. We're not talking about one-of-a-kind script here, are we? So shut up, sing kumbaya and hold hands for once in your life.

Epik-Fail   -  Jul 01, 2010

Works either way.

And I did make this myself, I don't care if other scripts have what mine has. I still made it.

Like I said on IRC before I left this comment;

[3:03pm] (+Element) Moon walk one is also old, the English kick is from a movie, you have anything else to add?

"also Describe Not Me."

menu nicklist,query {

;) "me" is easier to type and I couldn't get it to work in query with describe.

Spanky   -  Jul 01, 2010

"This is my slaps, kicks, bans script. I made this entirely by myself."

check the other kick/ban scripts, buddy. also Describe Not Me.

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