Church script on request

By Bielie on Jun 24, 2010

A script that a user of my bot requested.

Works with random lines.


<User> -> !church
<BOT> -> User went to the church and prayed at the altar. User used this command 1 time(s).

Pretty useless. Was fun to make though!

;;use this command to add random lines for your command. (add atleast 1 line or it wont work.
/write church.txt <line>
;;this line to open the file and delete mismatches
/run church.txt
;;Dont forget to save the file after changing.

on $*:text:/^[!.](church)/Si:#:{
 if (%flood [ $+ [ $nick ] ] { return }
 set -eu3 %flood [ $+ [ $nick ] ] x
;;the random lines command
 var %random = $read(church.txt)
;;channel where it doesnt work
 if ($chan == #chan) { halt }
;;error message;; Small chance that it takes place
 if (%random == $null) { notice $nick An unknown error has accured. }
;;when everything is right it triggers the command
 else { inc %church [ $+ [ $nick ] ] 1 | msg # $nick went to the church and %random $+ . $nick used this command %church [ $+ [ $nick ] ] time(s). []4([]2Script by[]10 Bielie $+ []4) | halt }


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RevJohn Straub   -  Jul 02, 2010

gotta love the pointless scripts

Jethro   -  Jun 24, 2010

Sorry to say, but this "rough snippet" is frankly pointless. You can, however, get all the random gibberish from the world wide web and make a socket out of it...

TheNitelyfe   -  Jun 24, 2010

yet another runescape swift-tard ._.

Jethro   -  Jun 24, 2010

Like napa said, you really need to test your code before submitting it. Anyway, your script can be written as such with a simple if-then-else statement (Yes, one if statement with && operators):

on $*:text:/^[!.](church)/Si:#:{
  if ((!%flood [ $+ [ $nick ] ]) && ($chan != #chan) && (!$exists(church.txt))) {
    set -eu3 %flood [ $+ [ $nick ] ] x
    notice $nick An error occured; I can't find the data located in my directory!
  else {
    inc %church
    msg # $nick went to the $regml(1) and $read(church.txt) $+ . $&
      $nick has used this command %church $iif(%church > 1,times,time) $+ .
napa182   -  Jun 24, 2010


you should really test things before you post them.
you seem to have a few errors in ur code

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