Magic 8ball :).

By Ghost-writer on Jun 20, 2010

Well, as the first visual basic code to be posted i am very proud :), i hope many people love my magical 8ball. Im still kind of a noob ;>.

dim x as integer
randomise timer
x = int((1 - 10) * rnd) + 1
if x = 10 then print "The answer is: no!"
if x = 9 then print "The answer is: I have no clue"
if x = 8 then print "The answer is: Possibly"
if x = 7 then print "The answer is: Yes & Msl is good"
if x = 6 then print "The answer is: Cookies <3"
if x = 5 then print "The answer is: Maybeeee"
if x = 4 then print "The answer is: The 8ball is foggy"
if x = 3 then print "The answer is: Why are you asking me, im a ball forgod sakes!"
if x = 2 then print "Bla Bla Bla, give me cookies!"
if x = 1 then print "The answer is: NEVERRRR!"


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SnoooP   -  Jun 21, 2010


Sorasyn   -  Jun 21, 2010

lol @ your pic SnoooP & Nice job on the first VB script :D

SnoooP   -  Jun 21, 2010

Jethro your to late, that already happened :P

Jethro   -  Jun 20, 2010

Do you need a hug like that of an old movie where you two run toward each other in slow motion until you are in one another's arms?

SnoooP   -  Jun 20, 2010

Wow mountaindew has reappeared :P

guest598594   -  Jun 20, 2010

I believe it's "Randomize", not "Randomise".

SnoooP   -  Jun 20, 2010

It's refreshing to see come other coding languages on here, nice work!

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