By amztechtalk on Jun 02, 2010

just do ./quit then your bot should dissconnect from the network.

on *:TEXT:./quit:#: {
if ($nick == amztechtalk) || ($nick == amztechtalk|laptop) {
else {
msg $chan Sorry $nick, you do not have permission to use this command.


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Jethro   -  Dec 29, 2011

Not unless you've changed your nickname to amztechtale or amztechtalk|laptop before using this piece of crap. ( pardon my language)

lol Folks, don't treat Hawkee like a personal pastebin. Submit a snippet or script that's useful and usable to the general public.

Fuzionx   -  Dec 29, 2011

Don't bother messaging people if they don't have access for that command, it's useless and makes people try to abuse it.

E: Oh it's a really old snippet lol..

LordBotTeam   -  Dec 28, 2011

It Didn't work

SnoooP   -  Jun 05, 2010


GuitarMasterx7   -  Jun 04, 2010

instead of

if ($nick == amztechtalk) || ($nick == amztechtalk|laptop) {

i would suggest using a $wildsite
that way no one can change there nick to those
an DC ur bot.

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