Time And Date Scripts

By AnaBotNowYourGone on May 30, 2010


How the script works: Someone will type !time or !date and it will give them the information. It's very simple but can be useful sometimes.

on *:TEXT:!time:#: { msg # The current time down here is $time(hh:nn:ss TT) - Timezone is $time(zzz) }

on *:TEXT:!date:#: { msg # The current date down here is $time(mm/dd/yyyy) - The order is Month/Day/Year }


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Command   -  Aug 01, 2010

So am i, like again I was just saying.... Gawd people..

AnaBotNowYourGone   -  Jul 31, 2010

I don't care if you made this before. >.> I made these scripts by myself. I suck at mirc scripting, and I'm not scripting any more (Well, for right now).

Command   -  Jul 29, 2010

rofl im know... mine is way way updated ... i was just saying it der?

Jethro   -  Jul 27, 2010

Anybody could have made this. This is freakin' common...

Then again, if you want to combine and improve it a bit:

on $*:text:/^!(time|date)$/iS:#:{ 
  .msg # The current $iif($regml(1) = time,$v1,date) here is $iif($regml(1) = date,$&
    $time(mm/dd/yyyy) - The order is Month/Day/Year,$time(hh:nn:ss TT) - Timezone is $time(zzz))

A flood trigger control is needed though...

Command   -  Jul 26, 2010

i made this before >_>

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