TLD lookup

By knoeki on May 21, 2010

Just a simple script for a bot (or whatever else you want to use it for) to look up TLDs.


 21/05 10:08:21  ~ | Knoeki > !tld nl
 21/05 10:08:30  & | Miffy  > [.nl] Type: country-code - Purpose: Netherlands - Sponsoring organisation: Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland
 21/05 10:08:45  ~ | Knoeki > !tld net
 21/05 10:08:49  & | Miffy  > [.net] Type: generic - Purpose: Generic top-level domain - Sponsoring organisation: VeriSign Global Registry Services

(you can specify the TLD either with or without a . in front of it, the script will compensate).

No, I didn't use regex. What's the point? It works fine like this.

on *:TEXT:!tld *:#: {
    noop $tld($chan, $2)

alias tld {
    if ($hget(tld) != $null) {
        hfree tld
    hmake tld 20
    hadd tld chan $1
    hadd tld get $iif($left($2, 1) != ., $+(.,$2), $2)
    sockopen tld 80

on *:SOCKOPEN:tld: {
    sockwrite -n $sockname GET /domains/root/db/# HTTP/1.1
    sockwrite -n $sockname Host:
    sockwrite -n $sockname Connection: keep-alive
    sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf

on *:SOCKREAD:tld: {
    sockread %tmp    
    ;echo @tld %tmp
    if ($+(*<a href="/domains/root/db/*.html">,$hget(tld, get),</a></td><td>*</td><td>*<br/><span class="tld-table-so">*</span></td></tr>) iswm %tmp) {        
        sockclose $sockname
        var %typ $gettok($gettok(%tmp, 7, 62), 1, 60)
        var %pur $gettok($gettok(%tmp, 9, 62), 1, 60)
        var %org $gettok($gettok(%tmp, 11, 62), 1, 60)
        msg $hget(tld, chan) $+($chr(91),$hget(tld, get),$chr(93)) Type: %typ - Purpose: %pur - Sponsoring organisation: %org
    elseif (%tmp == <!-- start common-bodytail -->) {
        sockclose $sockname
        msg $hget(tld, chan) No such TLD.


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Jethro   -  May 21, 2010

Actually I'll suggest:

var %org $remove($gettok($gettok(%tmp,11-12,62),1,60),line>)

Because the length of some TLDs will result in showing an unwanted source string, and we want to remove it.

Jethro   -  May 21, 2010

The issue is this line:> var %org $gettok($gettok(%tmp,11,62),1,60)It needs to be 11 to 12, not 11:> var %org $gettok($gettok(%tmp,11-12,62),1,60)Also, this bit:> on :SOCKREAD:tld: {
sockread %tmpShould have been:> on
:SOCKREAD:tld: {
var %tmp | sockread %tmpYou missed a local variable to temporarily store the buffer. Without that local var, the buffer from the source code gets set as a global var in your variables.

knoeki   -  May 21, 2010

Have you had a chance to fix the issue I noted in my first reply? The part where it did notgive the 'Sponsoring organisation:" part right?

It's strange indeed, I'll have a look at it later.

Scakk   -  May 21, 2010

Have you had a chance to fix the issue I noted in my first reply? The part where it did notgive the 'Sponsoring organisation:" part right?

knoeki   -  May 21, 2010

you can always have a delay variable at the start of the script (or in an .ini, whatever you prefer), and do something like:

;; set delay between lines being sent:
var %delay 0
;; --- bunch-o-code goes here --
msg # blargh1
timer 1 %delay msg # blargh1
timer 1 $calc(%delay + 1) msg # blargh1
timer 1 $calc(%delay + 2) msg # blargh1

Bit rough maybe, but it probably works. Tastes differ. I prefer to keep everything on one line generally, but it depends on the case.

Scakk   -  May 21, 2010

Most of mine do not have time delays as some people want it and some do not. I just leave it out so those that do want it can add it easy enough or ask how to have it added in.

Jethro   -  May 21, 2010

Actually I agree with you, Scakk. I come across some folks who like horizontal display. Personally I find it hard to read, as all info wrap together like a big paragraph. But our tastes for something certainly are different; it's a personal preference.

Last but not least, I have, however, stumbled upon some of your socket scripts before, and they don't have timed delay in display, which is an invitation for potential a spam or flood attack.

Scakk   -  May 21, 2010

I tend to like it more vertical than horizontal as shown incase there are several long bits that need to be displayed.

Jethro   -  May 21, 2010

Scakk, You can get the output displayed horizontally rather than vertically for this. A timed delay and trigger control are recommended to safeguard the script for spam or flood attack. This is always helpful for a vertical info output.

sunslayer   -  May 21, 2010

instead of using a hash, you should look into /sockmark

Scakk   -  May 21, 2010

Using your version I got the below.

[08:46] <Goofy|AFK> !tld cc
[08:46] <MrMorden> [.cc] Type: country-code - Purpose: Cocos (Keeling) Islands - Sponsoring organisation: line

I have since rewrote it ( removing the hash tables ) and fixed that issue.

I get the below with mine.

[09:33] <Goofy|AFK> !tld cc
[09:33] <MrMorden> Domain: [.CC]
[09:33] <MrMorden> Type: country-code
[09:33] <MrMorden> Purpose: Cocos (Keeling) Islands
[09:33] <MrMorden> Sponsoring Organisation: eNIC Cocos (Keeling) Islands Ltd.
[09:33] <MrMorden> Sponsoring Organisation: Pty, d/b/a Island Internet Services
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