Rainbow Alphabet Spam Script

By AnaBotNowYourGone on May 19, 2010

Put in the alias section. Type /ui to see random alphabet spam. PLEASE NOTICE: ***You will need to be in a place where spam and/or flooding is allowed or else you may get banned. Just a warning!

/i { msg # 1 $rand(a,z)  2 $rand(a,z)  3 $rand(a,z)   4 $rand(a,z)  5 $rand(a,z)  6 $rand(a,z)  7 $rand(a,z)    }

/ui  /i | /i | /i | /i | /i 


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Relurk_   -  Jun 07, 2010

spam scripts fail

AnaBotNowYourGone   -  May 31, 2010

@Relurk_ Yeah, it's a spam script. So..?

Relurk_   -  May 29, 2010

wow a spam script

AnaBotNowYourGone   -  May 19, 2010

@Jethro_ O.o Lol, if I knew it was that simple. W/e I still like mine, since it's more easier for me to understand.

Jethro   -  May 19, 2010
alias ui { 
msg # $regsubex($str(.,7),/./g,     $+($chr(3),$r(1,7),$r(a,z))) 


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