Conversation Script For Python

By AnaBotNowYourGone on May 02, 2010

Okaay... this is how this one works. You simply type something, press enter, and then it will respond to you! You can have your own conversation with a... err... O.o

import random

while True:
      x = raw_input ("Let us talk... say something to me and I will respond! ")
      n = random.randint(1, 10)

      if n == 1:
            print "Good subject!"
      if n == 2:
            print "Err... that's not a good subject to talk about."
      if n == 3:
            print "What did you say? I couldn't here you!"
      if n == 4:
            print "Why does everyone these days talk about that?"
      if n == 5:
            print "DUDE, DON'T SAY THAT EVER AGAIN!"
      if n == 6:
            print "Do I look dumb to you?"
      if n == 7:
            print "Does it look like a REALLY care?"
      if n == 8:
            print "My friend said that to me last night!"
      if n == 9:
            print "Mhmm..."
      if n == 10:
            print "It isn't my fault!"


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AnaBotNowYourGone   -  Jun 21, 2010

PATX: It's just a script for fun... there is no point.

PATX   -  Jun 19, 2010

I see no point... At all.... Gets a 1... Sorry.

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