Multiplication Table

By Sonny on Apr 24, 2010

A very basic multiplication table former. It asks you to enter a number, then displays a 5x5 grid-like multiplication table with the base number you entered. It starts from 1. Useful for teaching younger kids their times tables, or people who aren't so good with multiplication.
You can use it from the command line, I would recommend maximizing your screen when using big numbers.
Command line usage:
Windows: ()
Linux: (<filepath)>)./

Note: the grid may break. I could correct it, but as this isn't a big code, it would be pointless. It's legible, that's all that matters.

#include <iostream>
#include <stdlib.h>

using std::cout;
using std::cin;
using std::endl;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  const int rows = 5, cols = 5;
  int n, s = 1;

  if (argc == 2)
    char *d;
    n = strtol(argv[1],&d,10);
  else {
    cout << "Enter a number: ";
    cin >> n;
    cout << "\n";
  for (int i = 1;i <= cols;i++)
    for (int c = 1; c <= rows;s++)
      cout << n << " x " << s << " = " << n*s << " \t";
    cout << endl;
  return 0;


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Hawkee   -  Apr 24, 2010

There we go, much better!

Sonny   -  Apr 24, 2010

Fixed. The problem was I defined s as a const, when in fact I needed to increment it in the "rows" for loop.

Hawkee   -  Apr 24, 2010

I got a compile-time error:

mult.cpp: In function ‘int main(int, char**)’:
mult.cpp:26: error: increment of read-only variable ‘s’

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