By jaytea on Apr 22, 2010

just a quick fun submission :D $colorize(string) to color the parentheses in the string according to depth. each new level of parentheses has a new color, as you can see from:


alias colorize %a = | return $regsubex($1-,/(\()|(\))()/g, $+ $calc(2+(-$len(\2$c(\2))+%a)% 14)\1)
alias -l c inc -u %a $1 -1


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Bielie   -  Apr 22, 2010

and has that to be placed infron of a text or something? how is it used?

WorldDMT   -  Apr 22, 2010

nice one jaytea

jaytea   -  Apr 22, 2010

take a look at the screenshot to see examples of what various lines of mircscript turn into when run through the alias

you can test it out by copying a line of code, or anything including ()s, going to mirc and typing //echo -a $colorize($cb)

Bielie   -  Apr 22, 2010

what does it do??

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