Raffle-Holding Bot Snippet

By Kerli on Apr 07, 2010

This is a simple bot raffle code snippet, and my first code snippet posted on Hawkee. All channel members may start a raffle, and only they and the bot's master can end it. Many features to keep this script very user-friendly. Thanks to |Anthony| on Chat-Addict for a lot of help on this script, especially the method of policing those who join raffles multiple times. **Note that your bot should have a 'txt' folder, otherwise you should modify this script before use.

;lottery scripting
on 1000:text:*lottery*:#:{
  if ($1 == %c $+ lottery) {
    if ($2 == on) { .enable #lottochan | set %raffle 0 | .msg $chan $chan $+ : Lottery Mode has been enabled. Type %c $+ lottery off to disable this mode. Type %c $+ lottoinfo for a list of commands. }
    if ($2 == off) { .disable #lottochan | .msg $chan $chan $+ : Lottery Mode has been disabled. }
    else { .notice $nick 10Incorrect: Use %c $+ lottery <on/off> | halt }
  else { halt }

#lottochan on
on *:text:*raffle*:#: {
  if ($1 == %c $+ raffle) {
    if (%raffle == 0) {
      set %raffle 1
      set %raffler $nick
      set %prize $2-
      .msg $chan $nick has called for a raffle. The prize being raffled is %prize $+ . To enter, type %c $+ join.
    else { .notice $nick 10A raffle is already opened. Wait until it ends to open another raffle. | halt }
on *:text:*join*:#: {
  if ($1 == %c $+ join) {
    if (%raffle.join. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] == 1) {
    .notice $nick 10You've already entered this raffle. Wait until another raffle is opened before trying again. | halt }
    if (%raffle == 0) {
    .notice $nick 10There is no raffle opened at this time. Try again once someone opens a raffle. | halt }
    else {
      if ($nick == %raffler) {
      .notice $nick 10You can't enter your own raffle. | halt }
      if (%raffle == 1) {
        set %raffle.join. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] 1
      .notice $nick 10You have successfully entered in the current raffle. Wait until the %raffler ends the entry session to find out if you are receiving a prize. | .write txt\raffle.txt $nick $+ ! | halt }

on *:text:*end*:#: {
  if ($1 == %c $+ end) {
    if (%raffle == 1) {
      if (%raffler == $nick) {
        .msg $chan $chan $+ : The winner of %raffler $+ 's raffle of %prize is...
        .msg $chan $read txt\raffle.txt To claim your prize, make sure you speak to %raffler $+ .
        /write -c txt\raffle.txt
        set %raffle 0
        unset %raffler
        unset %raffle.join.*
      elseif ($nick != %raffler) {
      .notice $nick 10You did not open the current raffle. Therefore, you cannot end it. | halt }
    else {
    .notice $nick 10There is no raffle going on right now, $nick $+ . | halt }

on *:text:*lottoinfo*:#: {
  if ($1 == %c $+ lottoinfo) {
    .notice $nick 6*Master* Commands:
    .notice $nick 10Type %c $+ end to end a raffle.
    .notice $nick 10Type %c $+ lottery <on/off> to enable or disable Lottery Mode.
    .notice $nick 6-------------------------
    .notice $nick 6*User* Commands:
    .notice $nick 10Type %c $+ raffle <prize> to open a raffle. Make sure the prize is a phrase without punctuation at the end, and it does not start with a capital letter for best visual results (ie: oatmeal raisin cookies).
    .notice $nick 10Type %c $+ join to join an opened raffle.
    .notice $nick 10Type %c $+ end to end your own raffle.
    .notice $nick 10Type %c $+ lottoinfo to show this command list again.

#lottochan end


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MashhitDK   -  May 23, 2010


Am gonna use this I think...

Kerli   -  Apr 08, 2010


Hm. It works fine when I test it. Try ending a raffle. Otherwise, I don't know. .-.


Open the variables tab in the mIRC scripts editor and check to see if %raffle is set to 1.

Jenny   -  Apr 08, 2010

When I try to start a raffle I get a error command that theres already a raffle although theres nothing

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