Laptop Alias

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Apr 07, 2010
Updated  Apr 07, 2010
just an alias script i made, just didn't put colors on it yet, so hope ya enjoy it :)
alias laptop {
/msg $chan 1,1___ 0,1____________
/msg $chan 1,1___0,1| __________ |
/msg $chan 1,1___0,1||UPLOADING||1,1__0,1( ( . ) )
/msg $chan 1,1___0,1||PORNO..... ||1,1____.0,1|
/msg $chan 1,1___0,1||.________.||1,1__.0,1|[]|
/msg $chan 1,1___0,1|___________|~~|::|
/msg $chan 1,1__0,1/1,1__0,1::::::::::::1,1__0,1\1,1__0,1`--'
/msg $chan 1,1_0,1/1,1__0,1:::::::::::::::1,1__0,1\
/msg $chan 0,1/_______/__\_______\
/msg $chan 0,1`--------------------'


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MichaelA   -  May 19, 2010
thanks :D the one i orginally made has timers on it and colours too, but i thought i'd just upload this and let the person who wants it put their colours in etc.
Jethro   -  May 12, 2010
It's a nice little artwork, but adding timers to it safeguards the client that runs the code against flooding:
JoRdY   -  May 12, 2010
Its nice.
MichaelA   -  May 10, 2010
LOL nice xD
Luke   -  May 03, 2010
I modded it a bit and got it looking like this.
alias laptop {
/msg $chan 1,1___ 0,1________________1,1____
/msg $chan 1,1___0,1| ______________ |1,1___
/msg $chan 1,1___0,1||NOT A WINDOWS.||1,1___
/msg $chan 1,1___0,1||VISTA LAPTOP..||1,1___
/msg $chan 1,1___0,1||.____________.||1,1___
/msg $chan 1,1___0,1|________________|1,1___
/msg $chan 1,1__0,1/1,1__0,1::::::::::::1,1___0,1\1,1___
/msg $chan 1,1_0,1/1,1__0,1:::::::::::::::1,1__0,1\1,1__
/msg $chan 0,1/_______/__\__________\1,1_
/msg $chan 0,1`---------------------'1,1_
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