By MartyniP on Apr 05, 2010

[11:35:31] !time
[11:35:34] <^MARTYNI^> Martyn's Current Time Is: 11:35:34 AM 05/04/2010

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; http://www.martynip.co.cc
; irc.geekshed.net/martyni

on *:TEXT:!time:#:{ 
  msg $chan YOURNAME's Current Time Is: $asctime(hh:nn:ss TT) $asctime(dd/mm/yyyy) 


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Cave_Johnson   -  Jun 01, 2011

But if I didn't want it to be my time zone then what would I do?

MashhitDK   -  Apr 18, 2010


Am gonna grab this...

Jethro   -  Apr 05, 2010

Apparently it's necessary for the author, or he or she wouldn't have submitted it...

Jethro   -  Apr 05, 2010

Yeah, but I don't think that's capitalized on purpose. Rather, it's to make sure that you enter your own $me there.

Sasha   -  Apr 05, 2010

Anyhow, you could use "$+($me,'s)" or "$upper($+($me,'s))" instead of "YOURNAME'S"..

Jethro   -  Apr 05, 2010

Somebody already posted this similar snippet.

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