Who is ?

By LaTiNo on Mar 28, 2010

Hello again.

This is a simple code for show the someone funny info

  1. Paste the code in your mIRC Remote: ALT+R
  2. Create an archive txt "whois.txt"
  3. Write in that archive informations:
    $3 is a user wiht face of dog :P
    $3 is a user whit a records of bans at many channels.

You can write many informations in separates lines

Don't forget put your nick in the section: if ("your nick") for that the other users don't bother you. If they do it, then your bot will response something nice for you :P

on *:text:!Who is *:#:{
  if ("your nick" !== $3) {
    /msg   #  12¤¤  $read Whois.txt  4¤¤
  if ("your nick" == $3) {
    .msg #  $3    is a Lord of de mIRC! X) Oh! GREAT Operator!! King of the Kings!... forgive to : $nick who write your saint nick


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Jethro   -  Mar 29, 2010

Thanks RusselB. That makes sense. For whatever reason they refuse to upgrade, they should! Perhaps someday Khaled will phase out all the deprecated identifiers and operators for the sake of getting people upgraded to the latest version. And that will make all of us uniform when it comes to using the same thing without having to worry about the compatibility issues.

RusselB   -  Mar 29, 2010

He keeps them available because some people refuse to upgrade, and others have older versions as well as the newer versions in order to ensure that their scripts have the most compatibility.

Jethro   -  Mar 28, 2010

Ok, I never knew that one. I guess it's the same for isvo and isvoice and then some. There're deprecated operators and identifiers, which are still valid; though I have no idea why Khaled keeps them available...

RusselB   -  Mar 28, 2010

The format of the $read identifier in this code is outdated, but still valid.
If someone was still using a very old version of mIRC (I think 4.0 or earlier) then the current format would cause an error.

Jethro   -  Mar 28, 2010

Yes, Sasha. No need for an extra equal sign. But there is a case sensitive version for not equal to:


With it, you have to enter a token the way it appears exactly. Uppercase and lowercase count.

Sasha   -  Mar 28, 2010

Also, "!==" sould be "!=", I guess :p

Jethro   -  Mar 28, 2010

This script, in my opinion, should have been called, "What is this?" Oh, your use of $read is wrong; you should make it as:> $read(Whois.txt)

napa182   -  Mar 28, 2010


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