Spanish Conversion Alias

By ChiefDean on Mar 25, 2010

ChiefDean's Spanish Conversion Chart

This script takes the input of both English, and Spanish definitions and words and outputs the proper way to use it in Spanish.

1.) Copy snippet and paste it into mIRC remotes (Alt+r)
2.) Open up a channel
3.) Type /sc
4.) Enjoy your new Spanish conversion alias!

/sc Bailar Dance Bail

alias sc {
 Echo -a 4________________ChiefDean's Spanish Conversion Chart__________________________
  Echo -a 4,1-14Singular4-
  Echo -a 4,1 $+ $4 $+ o  
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1I $3 
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1I am $3 $+ ing
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1I do $3

  Echo -a 4,1 $+ $4 $+ as
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1You $3
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1You are $3 $+ ing
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1You do $3

  Echo -a 4,1 $+ $4 $+ a
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1He/She $3 $+ s
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1He/She is $3 $+ ing
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1He/She do $3

  Echo -a 4,1-14Plural4-
  Echo -a 4,1 $+ $4 $+ amos
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1We $3
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1We are $3 $+ ing
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1We do $3

  Echo -a 4,1 $+ $4 $+ áis
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1You all $3
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1You all are $3 $+ ing
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1You all do $3

  Echo -a 4,1 $+ $4 $+ an
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1They $3
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1They are $3 $+ ing
  Echo -a 1,1XX14,1They do $3
  Echo -a 4________________ChiefDean's Spanish Conversion Chart__________________________


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ChiefDean   -  Mar 26, 2010

Not exactly, Flux :P

First thing, that's not even Spanish, and second thing that's not how it works haha

Flux   -  Mar 25, 2010

hey guys, what about if i type Filipino word and if i enter it will became a english and paste to the channel ...

: Bakit? (enter) became : Why? --- :)
sunslayer   -  Mar 25, 2010

change $3 to $2 and $4 to $3, get rid of the am verb and do verb and it should be fine, you should also check to make sure that it is an -ar verb too

ChiefDean   -  Mar 25, 2010

Well, actually we are like learning this stuff in school, so i made it into a script and posted it :P it works for me.. just figured i`d make it global.

Its not the best of script, if someone wants to make it perfect feel free :P

sunslayer   -  Mar 25, 2010

i dont see how this is converting anything?> /sc Bailar Dance Bailthis snippet requires a $4 and your translation is incorrect the yo form only means i verb not i am verb or i do verb
u need to include estar/hacer
i.e. estoy bailando and hago bailar

as do the rest of the forms and this only includes -ar verbs ir/er have different suffixes

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