AMIP Announcer

By Ayon on Mar 23, 2010

I think is the most compact and still powerfull amip announcer existing. It gives you access to every single amip variable that is on only one line of code, and a complete menu for controlling winamp, the script settings and amip configuration software.

When loaded you should type the following just to set the variables

/set describe | set %amip.string is playing {s} • {pm}:{ps} / {min}:{sec} • {br}Kbps/{sr}KHz/{mode}

menu channel {
  $iif(!$isdde(mplug),$style(2)) Winamp
  .Search playlist:dde mplug search
  .Play:dde mplug control play
  .Pause:dde mplug control pause
  .Stop:dde mplug control stop
  .Next:dde mplug control >
  .Previous:dde mplug control <
  .$iif($dde(mplug,var_shuffle) == on, $style(1)) Shuffle:dde mplug setshuffle $iif($dde(mplug,var_shuffle) == on,off,on)
  .$iif($dde(mplug,var_repeat) == on, $style(1)) Repeate:dde mplug setrepeat $iif($dde(mplug,var_repeat) == on,off,on)
  ..Announce type
  ...$iif( == describe,$style(1)) /describe:set describe
  ...$iif( == msg,$style(1)) /msg:set msg
  ..Display pattern:set %amip.string $$input(Enter the announce display pattern.,eyi,Announce display pattern,%amip.string)
  .AMIP Configurator:dde mplug options

alias np $iif(!$isdde(mplug),echo -at Error $chr(155) Winamp is not running.,$iif(!$dde(mplug,var_playing),echo -at Error $chr(155) Winamp is not playing.,$hget(general, $active $regsubex(%amip.string,/\{([^\{\}]*)\}/g, $iif(($dde(mplug,var_\1)) || ($dde(mplug,var_\1) == 00), $dde(mplug,var_\1), \1))))


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saban   -  May 22, 2010

nice script!:)

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