Kick Script

By Jude on Mar 16, 2010

just load into your aliases and type
/gkick "nick"
and then it will kick them
i kno its not the best,
i was bored.

gkick {
  .timerGrenade.A1 1 3 describe # takes out his sack off grenades and start's to throw them at $$1 (TICK TOCK TICK TOCK)
  .timerGrenade.B2 1 9 /kick $chan $$1 !*BOOM*! $$1 is dead.
  inc %killcount
  .timergrenade.C3 1 7 describe $chan has killed $$1 ( ??? ) 


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slub77   -  Mar 30, 2010

Also, you can ask us questions, there are peeps who know the basics, to the peeps who could script mirc to make them toast lol

Cheiron   -  Mar 30, 2010

@ RichardWinters .. check this link out

that is the mirc tutorial pages here on hawkee. that will give you insight to basic and advanced coding. also if you look on your mirc itself .. (top toolbar - help - helpfiles - mirc.chm) in there is all the guides and what does what with mirc too. other than that it is trial and error :)

slub77   -  Mar 21, 2010

uhhhh, ummmm, ok then, ima just leave a comment saying..uhhh

wow.... umm. ok ok, script is tiny, why not add more to it 0.0

Sorry, i got bored, but tis tiny 0.0 i know the size don't count but, tis 2 tiny 0.0

Jethro   -  Mar 17, 2010

Yes, everybody has different tastes in things. Every snippet serves a purpose for their functionality. Though a snippet may not be appealing to you, it may somehow be the opposite to other people.

napa182   -  Mar 17, 2010

RichG Said:

Not like the script is useful or shares value anyway.

well thats not the point, and you may never know someone may find it useful. Stranger things have happen.

RichG   -  Mar 16, 2010

Not like the script is useful or shares value anyway.

Jethro   -  Mar 16, 2010

Jude, It's okay to "borrow" someone else's work if you're learning MSL, but don't feel ashamed or embarrassed to mention where and whom you copy it from.

napa182   -  Mar 16, 2010

so you delete our comments cuz you copied someone else's code lmao lame...
anyways the snippet u copied.... um maybe do what the rules state when posting a snippet

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