template class

By sean on Mar 13, 2010

a simple template class to separate design from code (mvc). similar to the ever popular smarty framework, just not nearly as big lol


<body>This [@WOULD] be [@EXAMPLE]</body>


$template = new Template('example.html');
$args = array( 'WOULD' => 'would', 'EXAMPLE' => 'an <i>example</i>' );
$template->set( $args );

anything passed to set() needs to be in array format. when instantiating Template, argument needs to be location of html. the above example, the result of example.php would be:
This would be an example

 *  @author Sean Wragg <seanwragg@gmail.com>
 *  @version 1.2 bRC3 template.class.php

class Template {
    protected $file; 
    public $values;

    // attempt to locate file upon instantiation
    function __construct( $file ) {
        if ( !file_exists( $file ) ) die('unable to locate file');
        $this->file = $file;

    // arg must be an array
    public function set( $values ) {
        foreach( $values as $key => $value ) {
            $this->values[$key] = $value;

    // render's html with keys replaced
    public function renderHTML() {
        $contents = file_get_contents( $this->file );
        foreach( $this->values as $key => $value ) {
            $contents = str_replace( '[@'. $key .']', $value, $contents ); 
        echo $contents;



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sean   -  Mar 15, 2010

@Korvin: it's only replacing keys that exist which are explicitly defined using set(). there was no need to add any further check.

@Hawkee: that's an excellent idea thanks :)

Hawkee   -  Mar 14, 2010

sean, exactly. For example:

Login Form

Korvin   -  Mar 14, 2010

i'd add a check to make sure that the key exists, and if not return [@KEY]

sean   -  Mar 14, 2010

considering all things server side would by dynamic, i assume you mean [en|dis]abling HTML code blocks?

Hawkee   -  Mar 13, 2010

Simple and to the point, but it could definitely use some additional functionality such as enabling and disabling code blocks.

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