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By D34th on Mar 05, 2010

Well this was origonally me "Anti Script Kiddie list" i changed it to be a blacklist and updated it to work with an address of a user

Using $remtok
and $Replace
ive made it so on connection of a user it checks their ip against a document called Pwned .txt which is loacted in your mIRC folder (Not you will have to make a folder in it called "Documents" it will auto made the text file when u add a user though.

Anyways to add a blacklist find the 3rd banmask of the user. //echo -a $address(NICKNAME HERE,3) this will return something similar to this ! ignore the !Staff@
which leaves us with this is what u will add for the blacklist. When that ip connects they will be automaticly killed ( I know this isnt the most efficant way but its what i went with )

Again this dialog utilizes mdx.dll for dialog coloring. Also $mdx is a return alias Alias MDX { Return path\mdx.dll ] Anyway hope this is helpful for someone it helps me a bit

Alias Blacklist { Dialog -m Dblist DBlist }
dialog DBlist {
  title "Black List"
  size -1 -1 162 123
  option dbu
  box "", 1, 2 19 156 98
  edit "", 2, 2 4 82 10, autohs
  button "Add", 3, 85 3 33 12
  button "Delete", 4, 121 3 33 12
  list 5, 5 26 149 101, hsbar vsbar
on *:Dialog:DBlist:*:*:{
  if ($devent == InIt) {
    dll $mdx SetMircVersion $version
    dll $mdx MarkDialog $dname
    dll $mdx SetFont $dname 1,2,3,4,5, -15 400 Times New Roman
    dll $mdx SetDialog $dname BGColor $color(1)
    dll $mdx SetColor $dname 1,2,3,4,5, background $color(1)
    dll $mdx SetColor $dname 1,2,3,4,5, textbg $color(1)
    dll $mdx SetColor $dname 1,2,3,4,5, text $color(15)
    var %skid = 1
    while (%skid <= $lines(Documents\Pwned.txt)) {
      did -a $dname 5 $read(Documents\Pwned.txt,%skid))
      inc %Skid   
    Did -z $dname 5
  If ($devent == Sclick) {
    If ($did = 3) {
      Write Documents\Pwned.txt $did(2)
      Did -a $dname 5 $did(2)
      Did -z $dname 5
    If ($did = 4) {
      Write -dl $did(5).sel Documents\Pwned.txt
      did -d $dname 5 $did(5).sel
On *:Snotice:*Client connecting*:{
  Set %Ip.Possible.Blist $Remove($Gettok($10,1,40),$chr(41),$chr(41))
  Set %Ip.Possible.Blist $Remtok(%Ip.possible.blist,$Gettok(%Ip.possible.blist,1,64),1,64)
  Set %Ip.Possible.Blist $Remove(%Ip.Possible.Blist,XXXXX)
  If (%Ip.Possible.Blist == $Read(Documents\Pwned.txt,r,%Ip.Possible.Blist)) { Kill $9 14,1(4DarkSector iRC15: You Are On My BlackList14) }


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Toniii   -  Apr 13, 2011

ok D34th i will com to talk there

napa182   -  Apr 13, 2011

lol @ the spammage shame shame lol
jk D34th rofl

D34th   -  Apr 13, 2011

Oh and also Toniii if u would like to talk 1on1 on a chat. You can find me at crazy-chat on the nickname |Labyrinth|


D34th   -  Apr 12, 2011

You have to add it in address form 3 example if the user to be blacklisted was D34th

you would add Death@*

And of course u have to have administrative rights.

Easyest way to find the correct ip to add is //echo -a $address(NICKNAME,3) Replace Nickname with who u wanna blacklist

Unkn0wn   -  Apr 12, 2011

Rofl. Wow. Hey, Derek. xD

Toniii   -  Apr 12, 2011

Thx D34th now it works fine no errors
but there still one more think when i add ip adres to the list it does not kill it

is this got to do with connection from status ?

D34th   -  Apr 12, 2011
D34th   -  Apr 12, 2011

Well Toniii that is something i cannot do as i don't even use this script anymore.
What i can do for you is fix the code to what it should be without the dll usage and without the need for a Documents file. I will post a link in the next comment with the fixed code using Pastebin.

Toniii   -  Apr 12, 2011

well i hade no0 luck on this one :(

/dll: unable to open file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Toni\Application Data\mIRC\SetMircVersion' (line 38, remote.ini)

can u please guys upload your mirc with code ready on it , then i can donwload it from u

please let me know

Toniii   -  Apr 12, 2011

yes i will try again and will let u know guys is i did it

D34th   -  Apr 11, 2011

Incorrect Crank. By Default mIRC has no "Documents\" directory Toniii make a Folder in your mIRC File called Documents\ the script will write "Pwned.txt" into it.

CrAnK   -  Apr 11, 2011

create a file Pwned.txt and its ok ;)

Toniii   -  Apr 11, 2011

no luck so far :/

/write: unable to open file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Toni\Application Data\mIRC\Documents\Pwned.txt' (line 31, remote.ini)

Toniii   -  Apr 11, 2011

Thx bro let me try

blackvenomm666   -  Apr 10, 2011

add it to remotes then type /blacklist to open it toniii

Toniii   -  Apr 10, 2011

Hi There how can i activate this

where do i have to put this on aliess or where

i tried to add this in allies and nothing happen

please someone Guide me

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