By Spoof on Feb 28, 2010

This script was made with mIRC v6.35 and has ascii character issues on mIRC 7 and latest versions.
I will try to make a version compatible for the newest mIRC versions. Sorry about that.

mIRC script by:Eurynome AKA "Spoof"

Look for "Scripts Editor" at top of your toolbar,when found OPEN it and right click on the REMOTE button.
Once you have right clicked it take your mouse pointer and go to the top-right side on the box and select FILE and click NEW.
It will make a blank REMOTE page in which you load this script.Once you've copy pasted the script into the NEW REMOTE file,
click SAVE FILE AS... a notepad box should appear and you can name the script what ever you would like to.Then click SAVE and
at the bottom of the REMOTE box after SAVING the script click OK and you are done loading a script.

I have made this script in the hope that ppl have some fun with it.If there are any questions on anything about this script you can find me on server: port 6667./whois Eurynome to see what rooms I may be in and join.

;-=-=-=-=-=-=( Eurysmiles )=-=-=-=-=- 
;             Version 1.3
;             By Eurynome 
;-=-=-=-=-=-=( Eurysmiles )=-=-=-=-=-
menu * {
  .Alien-eyes:{ say 9¨°ºo4_9oº°¨ }
  .Asleep:{ say 15´15·` }
  .Butterfly_kiss:{ describe $chan butterfly kisses 9 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ $$1 }
  .Bad-Hair-Day:{ say 1,1--9\\||// | /say 1,1-q(04â—£_04â—¢)p }
  .Caged-eyes:{ say 9â—«7_9â—« }
  .Clown:{ say 6∔9_7∔ }
  .Crazy-look:{ say 9(7°4_6o9) }
  .crazy IDK:{ say i3D11K15 ¯\Í¡à¹Í¡Ì¯à¹/¯ }
  .cute:{ say (11°4•11°) }
  .cuteRAWR:{ say (""") (11°4•11°) (""") 7RA11W7R! }
  .cute IDK:{ say i3D11K 9¯\(11°4•11°9)/¯ }
  .Diamond-eyes:{ say 4â—ˆ_4â—ˆ }
  .DJ-Bot-face:{ say d(04â—£_04â—¢)b }
  .Evil-Face:{ say (04â—£_04â—¢) }
  .Eyes-covered:{ say 11Cº10Ve7R8S   14MY eYe8S ./¯•¯\. }
  .Fish-Face:{ say 3>7(11°7(4o7)11°7)3< }
  .FU-Evil-Smiley:{ say  ┌∩â”(4â—£_4â—¢)┌∩┠}
  .Go-Go's:{ say 9./¯11>4•11>9/¯ 11Wª12L13K  12Li13Ke  ª3N  e8GY4P9Tiª3N 9¯\11<4•11<9¯\. }
  .Goofy-face:{ say 9Ô8…9Ô }
  .Hillbilly:{ say 1,1----.9__ | /say 1,1-9—(7°4…7°9)—« }
  .I-Robot-face:{ say 9[14º4+14º9] }
  .Innocent?:{ say 11â—•4_11â—• }
  .Jethro_'s F.U.:{ say ,,|,,__4ò_ó__,,|,, }
  .Listening to:{ say \m/ (04â—£_04â—¢) \m/ $?="Enter band?" - $?="Enter Song?" }
  .looking-down:{ say 11â—“4_11â—“ }
  .Love_You:{ say 4♥_4♥ $$1 }
  .Matrix:{ say 7¯[]11==[4º+4º]11==7[]¯  14ziºN  9Wi7LL 14Be 12Lº8S9T4. 12Lº3N8G 12Li10Ve 9THe 14Mª12C9Hi3Ne8S ! }
  .Mellow:{ say 9¬_¬ }
  .Mellow-evil:{ say 4↽_4↽ }
  .Metal:{ say \m/ (04â—£_04â—¢) \m/ }
  .Native:{ say 1,1--9___|1,1-- | /say 1,1-9/O_O\1,1- }
  .Octagon-OMG-Eyes:{ say 4â—¯_4â—¯ }
  .PinDot-Eyes:{ say 9â‹…4_9â‹… }
  .Pissed:{ say 4ò_ó }
  .pissed-clown:{ say 11°`4•´11° }
  .Punk-Rocker:{ say 1,1--.6,01\\||// | /say 1,1--.9,01(7,01°4,01…7,01°9,01) }
  .Rawr-Attack-Smiley:{ say (""") (04â—£_04â—¢) (""") 7RA11W7R! }
  .Sad:{ say 11ú_ù }
  .Sleepy:{ say 3Û_Û }
  .Sleeping-Bot:{ say [-_-] }
  .snake-eyes:{ say 13â—˜4_13â—˜ }
  .Square-eyes:{ say 4â—¨_4â—¨ }
  .Squinting-clown:{ say 9`4•9´ }
  .Stretched-block-eyes:{ say 15â¿”4_15â¿” }
  .Surprised:{ say 9˜4_9˜ }
  .Surprised-Bot:{ say [0_0] }
  .VampBunny:{ say  14(\ /) | /say 11*4,14.4,11* }
  .Wave:{ me 11Wª10Ve8S 9(7°4_6o9)/ ª9T  $$1 }
  .Weird-IDK:{ say i3D11K 9¯\(7°4_6o9)/¯ }
  .Weird-Smiley:{ say 7~9.4_9.7~ }
  .WTH?:{ say ´11¤4.11¤` }
  .WTF-bot-face:{ say [°_o] }


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Spoof   -  Apr 21, 2010

Changed error "Butterfly_kiss" from /say $me to /describe $chan .
Thx Rayth for the help and catching that boo boo for me.

Spoof   -  Apr 21, 2010

error in "Bad-Hair-Day" smiley fixed.

Spoof   -  Apr 21, 2010

This is an updated version #3 hopefully its coded right.Sorry for being a noob and posting a noobish script at first but i'm still learning everything as I go.
Any questions reguarding this script please feel free to contact me via network: port:(6667).Again plz have fun with this script... that's what its all
about. :)

Jethro   -  Mar 04, 2010

zNigel-, you may need to decode it:

zNigel-   -  Mar 04, 2010

add this cheer smiley.

jsg55   -  Mar 01, 2010

also, awesome profile picture D2K7

jsg55   -  Mar 01, 2010

you dont need that second if in there if your using &&, also i think that since your not using a pipe you need a pair of brackets after your if statement.

D2K7   -  Mar 01, 2010

This may sound n00bish, but why doesn't

on *:Part:{ 
if ($nick == $me) && If ($active == #) 
Part # $active Part-Msgg


Spoof   -  Mar 01, 2010

Dirty pool. :-) I read a lot of his comments so maybe he wont accuse me of ripping his stuff on here.But then again...

It's all fun and games as long as no one gets hurt.

Jethro   -  Mar 01, 2010

I didn't make that one. I stole it from napa182. lol

Spoof   -  Mar 01, 2010

Thanks for the Idea and I fixed the boo boo from earlier people. Notice I gave you the credit and named the smilie Jethro_'s F.U. in the script :) Hope you don't mind...

Happy scripting and chatting everyone. Peace out: Spoof

Jethro   -  Mar 01, 2010

You might be interested in this one:> ,,|,,_(><)__,,|,,

Spoof   -  Feb 28, 2010

Thanks MagicRevealer09, Just like the first version zNigel- there is a mistake, but its not the spelling but the simple fact I was up late and tired and forgot to add the Weird-Smiley after the Say syntax, oops. Jethro_ I'm still trying to get the hang of this and happened to figure out a totally different form of scripting language which is coded into some of these smilies that mIRC will use.I'm not sure what exactly it is but I have changed characters that I know from experimentation to be the triggers that change the outcome of the character.

zNigel and anyone that would like to add the Weird-Smiley code into the script that I have seemed to yet again made a small error, here it is:

~._.~ just add it behind the say command properly spaced and save the script and click O.K. and its fixed.

I hope I can get better at this over some time and make less mistakes so that people enjoy my scripts.Again any and all comments help people in learning something out of life and I appreciate all comments from Hawkees guest and members.

Happy chatting and scripting all: Spoof

Jethro   -  Feb 28, 2010

huh? ¯(°_o)/¯

zNigel-   -  Feb 28, 2010



MagicRevealer09   -  Feb 28, 2010

Lol, pretty awsome...

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