auto-op popups for Everywherechat

By Snip3KitTy on Feb 25, 2010

A simple popup script for auto opping and auto voicing. designed for use on everywherechat server

its a 5 minute job so it will always be at its most simple

copy and paste to the popups section of script editor

..add:/msg chanserv sop $chan add $$1 | /mode $chan +o $$1
..delete:/msg chanserv sop $chan del $$1 | /mode $chan -o $$1
..add:/msg chanserv aop $chan add $$1 | /mode $chan +o $$1
..delete:/msg chanserv aop $chan del $$1 | /mode $chan -o $$1
..add:/msg chanserv hop $chan add $$1 | /mode $chan +h $$1
..delete:/msg chanserv hop $chan del $$1 | /mode $chan -h $$1
..add:/msg chanserv vop $chan add $$1 | /mode $chan +v $$1
..delete:/msg chanserv vop $chan del $$1 | /mode $chan -v $$1

Code Edited and Improved as of 11:40pm GMT 26th February 2010


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D2K7   -  Mar 01, 2010


blackvenomm666   -  Feb 26, 2010


Snip3KitTy   -  Feb 26, 2010

i mean auto as in when they join any time afterwards they will get auto ops or voice or halfops

blackvenomm666   -  Feb 26, 2010

looks good but only thing is its not actually auto you have to do it urself haha but looks good to me

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