My kill list

By D34th on Feb 22, 2010

This is my kill list ive recently had some problems with a few noobs connecting to my chat and one that i admin on. So i threw this together this morning and decided to upload it. Hopefully it will help out someone.

Alias Auto { Dialog -m Autokill Autokill }
dialog Autokill {
  title "Kill list"
  size -1 -1 137 30
  option dbu
  box "", 1, 0 -2 136 17
  edit "", 2, 2 3 132 10
  button "Add", 3, 1 16 74 13
  button "Delete", 4, 75 16 61 13
Menu * {
  Kill list { Auto }
On *:Dialog:AutoKill:*:*:{
  if ($Devent == Sclick) {
    If ($did == 3) {
      Auser Fucked $did(2) 
    if ($did == 4) { 
      Ruser Fucked $did(2)
on *:Snotice:*Client connecting*:{
  If ($level($9) == Fucked) {
    Kill $9 Gtfo ur on my "Fucked list"


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CrAnK   -  Apr 11, 2011

open mirc script editor ( ALT + R ) , then new file and paste the codes.

Albanian: Nqs se ke kuptuar ketu me fol ne pv ta shpjegoj :P

Toniii   -  Apr 10, 2011

Hi There how can i activate this

where do i have to put this on aliess or where

i tried to add this in allies and nothing happen

please someone Guide me


TheWhistler   -  Jan 21, 2011

i tried it out works like a charm, this will come in handy with some ppl i know i dont want on my server, great job well done

D34th   -  Jan 21, 2011

Alright well thats cool. If you have any questions about the script or would like to suggest a script you can find me on this server

and my current nickname is |Labyrinth| im in #Lobby >.<

koolaidman   -  Jan 21, 2011

oh nice work im admin in a network

D34th   -  Jan 20, 2011

Its actually rather old but if you have admin it will automaticly kill an incoming connection if they are on the list

koolaidman   -  Jan 20, 2011

what does this do?is it like a kick script

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