Lock/Unlock channel

By jackster35-1 on Feb 13, 2010

Heres what i made for mIRC i hope you guys like it all you do is right click in the nick sections and click lock/unlock and click what you want please dont edit the script or say its yours thx

;;                     ;;
;; Made by: Jackster35 ;;
;;                     ;;

menu nicklist {
  .Lock: /mode $chan +smi | echo $chan locked | msg $chan $chan locked
  .unlock: /mode $chan -smi | echo $chan Unlocked | msg $chan $chan unlocked
  .About: echo 4Lock/unlock Made by Jackster35 | msg $chan Lock/Unlock made by: Jackster35


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Jethro   -  Feb 14, 2010

Xpl0reR, how lame can you get when you ignore constructive criticism?

xplo   -  Feb 14, 2010

i never saw a more lame code here, well, i did. but this one is in the top 10 FOR SURE!

Fuking lame piece of shi... code.

jackster35-1   -  Feb 14, 2010

Thx Kinight for the tip and Jethro_ also MagicRevealer09 you know i have that on perry in #thebots on geekshed so please dont suggest it to me when youve watch me and edgy lock the chan before when i made a code like it -.-

Kinight   -  Feb 13, 2010

Looks nice, but maybe +i would be a nice mode to add.

Suggestion for future generations of this script: Add a mode checker (as posted above so you dont screw up the script) 2. Maybe make a popup where you can define what modes you want for your lock (i, m, s, p, k)

Jethro   -  Feb 13, 2010

MagicRevealer09, jackster35-1's script is popup-menu based and has nothing to do with the on text event you're suggesting.

For your suggestion, I'd do this if I were you:

on $@1:TEXT:/!(un)?(lock)$/iS:#YourChannel: {
  if ($nick isop #) {
    var %+ $iif(m !isincs $chan(#).mode,+), %- $iif(m isincs $chan(#).mode,-)
    mode # $replace($regml(1),un,%-,lock,%+) $+ m

You also have to make sure the +m has been set or unset, or else some ops may abuse it by way of flooding...just in case.

MagicRevealer09   -  Feb 13, 2010

Nice, but a more simpler one would be


on 1:TEXT:!lock:#: { if ($nick isop #) { mode #YourChannel +m } }


on 1:TEXT:!unlock:#: { if ($nick isop #) { mode #YourChannel -m } }

Replacing #YourChannel with your irc channel name. Other than that, great script (:

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