Messege transmiting Between Server Channels

By DICE on Feb 12, 2010

Was Board Nothing To Do
So I Scripted Something To Pass Time
Its Not The Cleanest Or Shortest Code
I Wasnt Aiming For That So dont Come With Comments Of Such Sort
Use If You Want If Not Doesnt Bother Me Ether
This Script Is For Transmiting Messeges Between Servers Channels
Paste It In Your Remotes
Connect To Two Diferent Servers NB Join Two Channels With Same Name
And Watching It Transmit Messeges From One Channel To The Other And Vise Versa
I Use This Script To Join All My Channels From All Servers As If Its One
Good Luck And Enjoy Welcome To Modify It!!

PS: I Know My Spelling Is Horrible But That Is My Mark Trade So Leave It Alone THX!!
Regards Dice

;Scripted By Dice
on *:Text:*:#:{
if $nick == $me { halt }
  if $cid == 1 {
    if $scid(2).status == connected {
      scid 2 msg $chan 3< $+ $nick $+ >10 $1- 7[ $+ $server $+ ]
  if $cid == 2 {
    if $scid(1).status == connected {
      scid 1 msg $chan 3< $+ $nick $+ >10 $1- 7[ $+ $server $+ ]


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DICE   -  Feb 13, 2010

actually maybe i should comment of the sub
am waist my breath but anyhow
has it ever accord to you guys maybe i put that $me $nick halt
in there on purpose
but anyhow you guys are the masters
so everything you said is 100% correct ;)
If Life Was So Easy Why Dont We Get It Given To Us On A Silver Plater ;)

DICE   -  Feb 13, 2010

No Comment On The Sub.

Jethro   -  Feb 12, 2010

Yes, there's no $nick == $me in the on text event. You cannot possibly trigger your own text.

You can, however, use if ($wildsite != $address($me,2)) if you and the client running the code share the same host and you don't want your bot to trigger upon your command. And putting halt at the end is an unnecessary habit that you can kick it, unless, of course, you use the /goto command.

DarkCoder   -  Feb 12, 2010

uhmm. I dont think $nick will EVER = $me, in an on text event anyways. And there is no need to put a halt at the end, a few more mistakes and im pretty sure the $cid wouldnt work, but good script (Doesnt work for me but w/e).

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