Funny Disease Socket

By napa182 on Jan 31, 2010

Eh just a dumb funny disease socket
copy/paste into ur bot's remotes
trigger is @disease

<@napa182> @Disease WikkedBot
<@Sick0> Good lord! You are suffering from WikkedBot's Disease
<@Sick0> Cause: smoking
<@Sick0> Symptoms: extreme delusions, excessive tallness, walking like an Egyptian, excess of money
<@Sick0> Cure: bleach

<@napa182> @Disease Tony
<@Sick0> I thought as much. You are suffering from Tonyitis
<@Sick0> Cause: monkey bite
<@Sick0> Symptoms: shivering, slightly high blood pressure, shouting, slow heartbeat
<@Sick0> Cure: take four leeches and come back in the morning

<@napa182> @Disease Bertrum
<@Sick0> Bad luck! You are suffering from Bertrum's Disease
<@Sick0> Cause: a significant alignment of the stars
<@Sick0> Symptoms: extremely dry eyes, wrist swelling, peeling skin
<@Sick0> Cure: electroshock therapy

like always rip strip this script how ever you want i just don't care....

on $*:text:/^@disease\s(\S+)/iS:#: {
  if (!%f && $regml(1) ison #) { inc -u5 %f
    if ($sock(Disease)) sockclose Disease
    sockopen Disease 80
    sockmark Disease $+(/disease.cgi?p=,$regml(1)) msg #
on *:load: {
  echo 12 -a You Have Just Loaded Napa182's Funny Disease Socket 
  echo 12 -a An Production 
on *:sockopen:Disease: {
  sockwrite -nt $sockname GET $gettok($sock(Disease).mark,1,32) HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -nt $sockname Host: $+($sock(Disease).addr,$str($crlf,2))
on *:sockread:Disease: {
  var %Disease | sockread %Disease
  if ($regex(%Disease,/<div.+dtop">(.+?)<br><B.+dis">(.+?)<\/B>/)) { 
    $gettok($sock(Disease).mark,2-,32) $regml(1) $regml(2) 
  if ($regex(%Disease,/<P><b>(.+?)<\/P>/)) { 
    $gettok($sock(Disease).mark,2-,32) $remove($regml(1),</b>) 


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oRtakVeLja   -  Apr 01, 2012

For eggdrop you have simular script: ;)
Tnx author for idea! ;)

napa182   -  Oct 06, 2011

There fixed the example =P

Jethro   -  Oct 06, 2011

Well, napa should have put it as "@disease " to avoid the confusion.

Stewie1k94   -  Oct 06, 2011


b0sse   -  Oct 06, 2011

Oh, thanks.
I misunderstood napa's explanation then:

"trigger is @disease whatever"

Since he put "whatever" I thought I could put whatever in there like @disease herpes or whatever.
Anyway, will try it with a nick, thanks.

Jethro   -  Oct 05, 2011

b0sse, you must make sure the command @disease is followed by a user that exists on the channel where you are on. If you want to be able to enter whatever you want, you have to remove the check for > && $regml(1) ison #

Stewie1k94   -  Oct 05, 2011

b0sse: you have to specify a nick i belive it works for me > [11:39pm] <~toclafane> @disease Retard
[11:39pm] <&thunderbolt> You'd better sit down. You are suffering from Retard's Lurgy
[11:39pm] <&thunderbolt> Cause: drug abuse
[11:39pm] <&thunderbolt> Symptoms: mild moodiness, sores, fingernail lengthening
[11:39pm] <&thunderbolt> Cure: paint a black cross on your front door and wait

b0sse   -  Oct 05, 2011

doesn't work.
nothing happens

SnoooP   -  Feb 02, 2010

Jethro there will be about 300 lol, but go for it

Jethro   -  Feb 01, 2010

I don't know, but consolidating all the sockets napa's done into one package sounds like an inkling to me...and may as well be doable.

SnoooP   -  Feb 01, 2010

should make a socket that searches through the other collection of sockets you have made lol, or would the @search be to broad? :P

napa182   -  Feb 01, 2010

lol i sure hope so....

SnoooP   -  Feb 01, 2010

lol, napa you will run out of sockets to make soon :P

napa182   -  Jan 31, 2010


Jethro   -  Jan 31, 2010

I didn't know Napa has a doctorate in funny diseases. lol

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