By knoeki on Jan 29, 2010

I know mIRC has some kind of way to read logs, but as far as I remember it doesn't really work so nicely if there's any kind of colour codes in your logs. therefor this. I find this works pretty well for, and it's really simple, as you can see.

alias logviewer { window -k0 @LogViewer | filter -cfw $qt($sfile($mircdirlogs\)) @LogViewer $iif($1 != $null, $1, *) }


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Ghost-writer   -  Mar 03, 2010

Sorry mate, this is good but i got the error:

  • /filter: invalid window (line 1, script15.ini)

This error was easily fixed by changing the window name

alias logviewer {
  window -k0 @LogViewer
  filter -cfw $qt($sfile($mircdirlogs\)) @LogViewer $iif($1 != $null, $1, *) 
napa182   -  Feb 03, 2010

paste it in remotes then click ok
then type /logviewer

diamondandy   -  Feb 03, 2010

whereabouts do i put this in the script editor?

me = newbie

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