Request a command

By cantthink96 on Jan 24, 2010

This code will send a request for a command to the server page Syntax !request !command <what it does Ex : <@Ct96>!Request !bird <A bird fly's over $2 and poops on his shoulder> <@cantbot> Request sent! After you review the request best thing to do is type /clear so you do not get confused with the older requests Thanks you for your comments please leave a comment at the bottom if you think it needs updates

;;Cantthink96;; ;;Website;; 
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Request form;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

on *:TEXT:!request*:#: { notice $nick has requested that $2- \\\\\\be added to Your command list///  
  msg # Your request has been sent $nick 


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Flux   -  Jan 25, 2010

can u make some like that..but its for op and halfop only do that command,.Like,

if i type !request ban

bot will say..

-BOT- your request has been send. :) thnx. .

@btw, nice script. . :>

SnoooP   -  Jan 25, 2010

@Napa: do you mean it should be burnt? ;x

Jethro   -  Jan 25, 2010

lol napa, I said "beats me" to mean that I was in the same boat as you were, like, what????

napa182   -  Jan 25, 2010

@Jethro_ my comment wasnt towards ur comment, but his snippet. sorry if you thought it was.

@cantthink96 ur snippet is like ur avatar.....

Serpentsounds   -  Jan 24, 2010

So you inform him/her twice that his/her submission went through, and the holder of the script (to which whom the request is being made) has no way of seeing it besides searching through logs. Unless they happened to be active in the channel at that time, but then I ask you, what is the point of a (nearly function-less) script to convey that message?

cantthink96   -  Jan 24, 2010

wth do you try to confuse everything jethro lol

Jethro   -  Jan 24, 2010

o.0 lolwutBeats me. :/

napa182   -  Jan 24, 2010

o.0 lolwut

Jethro   -  Jan 24, 2010

I think this line of code was meant for

msg # $nick $+ , your request of $+(",$2-,") has been sent...
Weasel   -  Jan 24, 2010

nope, it would say if i was 'bob' it would send me the pm then say bob, your command has been sent to bob,

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