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By BrandinA on Jan 18, 2010

Copyright © 2010 – Brandin Arsenault, Known Syntax – BOINC Services, Int. – All rights reserved.

Editing of this script is allowed.

This script is originally from the iKnown IRC Bot which is now discontinued.


This script was completely made by me. This is a TEASE OP script. If your an op in said channel that this script is placed on a user in and this user with the script is an op, they can do this. Well, just use the command below and it gives and takes ops from said user you want to tease. Have fun TEASING!



!tease NICK - Replace 'NICK' with the person you want to tease.

ON *:TEXT:!tease *:*: { 
  if ($nick isop $chan) {
    if ($chan) { 
      mode $chan +o $2- 
      mode $chan -o $2- 


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jsg55   -  Jan 21, 2010

actually you can edit it, there should be an edit button right over the code :S

BrandinA   -  Jan 20, 2010

Can't edit the script once its up. I'm not writing anymore or editing anymore scripts as I'm not running my bot anymore.

Jethro   -  Jan 20, 2010

You should add $2 ison # to make sure it's a nick, not something else. It's also good to check if a nick typed exists or not. This way you don't get an error.

on @*:TEXT:!tease*:#:{
  if ($2 ison #) && ($nick isop #) raw -q MODE # +o-o $2 $2

You should still add the $nick isop #, because the @ prefix indicates the client running the code is opped, not those who command it.

Master-Of-Death   -  Jan 20, 2010

firstly you do not need:

if ($chan)

secondly if it is for op's only you should really have it like this:

on @:TEXT:!tease:#:{
raw -q MODE # +o-o $2 $2

Much shorter and easier to process.

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