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By BrandinA on Jan 18, 2010

Copyright © 2010 – Brandin Arsenault, Known Syntax – BOINC Services, Int. – All rights reserved.

Editing of this script is allowed.

This script is originally from the iKnown IRC Bot which is now discontinued.


This script is sort of like the !ns script I made. This is so if you ever have your bot released to more then 1 network instead of having to teamviewer, remote desktop, etc. into the bots pc you can just do this so it registers the channel. Just replace the following things in this message below.


botchan - With the bots channel (i.e. #iKnown)

KEY - With the key you want on the channel. (i.e. mypassBLAH)
DESCRIPTION - With the description for the channel. (i.e. iKnown IRC Bot's Channel)
YourNick - The owner of the bots nick so you get founder access to the channel as well.



!regchan BOTNICK - Replace 'BOTNICK' with the BOTNICK you have in the script itself.

on *:TEXT:!regchan BOTNICK:#: {
  if ($nick isop $chan) {
    if ($chan) {
      cs register #Botchan KEY DESCRIPTION
      cs SET #Botchan XOP OFF
      cs access #Botchan add YourNick 9999
      cs SET #Botchan XOP ON
      cs SYNC #Botchan


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Korvin   -  Mar 04, 2010

what server do u use that uses sync

BrandinA   -  Mar 04, 2010

I knew how to do that in my newest release of iKnown but those were pre-scripts when I didn't know exactly to much about mSL.

jackster35-1   -  Mar 02, 2010

here i made it so only the owner can do it and made it much easier to use

on 1000:TEXT:!regchan *:#: {
  if ($chan) {
    cs register $2 $3 $4
    cs SET $2 XOP OFF
    cs access $2 add $nick 9999
    cs SET $2 XOP ON
    cs SYNC $2

You need 1000 on your bot /auser 1000

-jack happy?

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