iKnown>> RAW

By BrandinA on Jan 18, 2010

Copyright © 2010 – Brandin Arsenault, Known Syntax – BOINC Services, Int. – All rights reserved.

Editing of this script is allowed.

This script is originally from the iKnown IRC Bot which is now discontinued.


Entirely written by me and one of my coders, this script allows any AOP's of a channel that the bot or user is in to do RAW commands. The commands are below.



!RAW CMD - Replace 'CMD' with the command. (i.e. ns ID PASSHERE, cs REGISTER #chan KEY DESCRIPTION)

on *:TEXT:!raw *:#: { 
  if ($nick isop $chan) {
    if ($chan) {
      notice $nick Raw command: $2- has been completed.
      msg #iKnown Raw command: $2- has been requested by $nick - Command now completed.


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