Basic Kick Script

By KylePolansky on Jan 07, 2010

Just a basic kick script.

How to use:
/k | Kicks a user from the current channel. Reason is optional.

alias k {
  if ($$1 ison $chan) {
    if ($2 == $null) { /kick $chan $$1 No Reason }
    else { /kick $chan $$1 $$2- }
  else { /echo -a $$1 is not on $chan }


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slub77   -  Jan 14, 2010


Jethro   -  Jan 14, 2010

Well, the mirc's default /k alias sucks

slub77   -  Jan 13, 2010

hmmm i though that /k was all ready on mirc, so unless you delete that, this script is no use in a way, also if your not an op it ends up telling you anyways.

Gona Rate

Jethro   -  Jan 08, 2010

Aucun50, why op check? It's an alias and knowing the fact you're going to be opped when using it, it's sorta unneeded. But if you tend to get forgetful when you're not opped, I suppose you can add one for "check's" sake.

Aucun50   -  Jan 08, 2010

No op check?

Jethro   -  Jan 07, 2010

I got punk'd. :| Maybe my experiment with regex is a bit much for

gooshie   -  Jan 07, 2010
alias k $iif($1 ison #,kick # $$1 $iif($2,$2-,No Reason),echo # $1 is not on #)
Jethro   -  Jan 07, 2010
alias k if ($regex($$1,/(\S+)/i)) $iif($regml(1) ison #,kick $v2 $iif(!$2,$regml(1),$regml(1) $2-),echo -a * $v1 is not on $v2)
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