Alert $Tip Message Balloon

By gooshie on Jan 03, 2010

This alert snippet for mIRC6.3+ will display a $tip message balloon near your clock when mIRC or the associated window is not active when one of the following conditions occurs:

  • Someone uses your nick in a channel message, action, or notice.
  • Someone private messages you.
  • A nick you have selected speaks.
  • Someone says the nick of a nick you have selected.
  • A word or phrase you have set to alert on is spoken in a channel.Note: Alerts for NickServ and ChanServ are Blocked.
    To set an alert word or phrase use: /alert
    Double clicking in the $Tip message ballon will focus the associated window.
    Messages are trundicated to 330 characters, adjust manually in code if you wish.


; To set an alert word or phrase use: /alert

on *:OPEN:?:alert $1-
on *:TEXT:*:*:alert $1-
on *:ACTION:*:*:alert $1-
on *:NOTICE:*:*:alert $1-
alias alert {
  var %msg $strip($1-)
  if !$chan || $nick = $snick(#,1) || $count(%msg,$me,$snick(#,1),%alert) {
    if !$tip($nick) && !$istok(NickServChanServ,$nick,7) && (!$appactive || $activewid != $window($iif(#,#,$iif($nick,$v1,$active))).wid) {
      flash -b1r2
      %msg = $iif($len(%msg) < 333,%msg,$left(%msg,330) $+ ...)
      noop $tip($nick,$iif(#,#,Private Message), $nick  %msg,17,,,window -ax # $iif($window($nick),$nick,$iif($comchan($nick,1),$v1,"status window")))
  if (!$nick) $iif($input(Enter Alert Text,toe,Alert!,%alert),set %alert $!,unset %alert)


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soap   -  Sep 15, 2012

Great work, very useful

gooshie   -  Mar 17, 2012

Nice, thanks for sharing that, I may play with that some
in the future and I hope others will find it usefull also.

Scakk   -  Mar 17, 2012

Below is the snippet I spoke of above incase you wanted to see it or if someone else wanted to.

on ^*:notice:*:*: {
  if ($nick === MemoServ) { 
    if ($1-3 === You have a) { 
      set %MemoServSender $7
      ms read $remove($8,$chr(40),$chr(41))
    inc %memo 1 | set %MemoServ $+ %memo $1-
    if (%MemoServSender && %MemoServ5) {
      noop $tip(MemoServ,Memo,Sender: %MemoServSender $str($crlf,3) Message: %MemoServ5,4) 
      unset %Memo*
    if (!%MemoServSender) { echo 5 -s $timestamp $nick $1- | unset %Memo* } 
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