Greetings Script

By DarkCoder on Jan 02, 2010

Not one of my greater scripts, just decided to make it. You put it in your remote and let somone type hi/hello/sup/hey/waddup and it messages them back what they said, I might think about adding stuff but i doubt this will gets positive feed back or anything else :P.

Update: Makes a list of people who have said hello so you dont get flooded.

on $*:text:/(H(e(y|llo)|i)|(S|wad)up)/Si:#: {
  if (!$hget(Greetings,$nick)) {
    msg $chan $regml(1) $+($nick,$chr(44)) How are you today?
    hadd -m Greetings $nick $regml(1)


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SnoooP   -  Jan 02, 2010

Jethro you should consider changing your nick to $Reg lol

Jethro   -  Jan 02, 2010

There's no need for an extra grouping bracket in your regex:


And you might want to reorganize your hash table to store the nicks with $addtok() to its data instead of the item. Then reference them with $istok(). Your current use of hash table will make a lot of item slots per person when greeted. You only need one. Lastly, hsave and hload may be needed as well.

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