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By D34th on Dec 29, 2009

Well this is just a simple little snippet but i decided to post it anyways since i dont seem to find any here normaly or i dont think there are any i dont know but its a script and computer stats shows the name of your script if u have %script set with the name of the script for any noobs that dont know how to set a varibal its /set %Script YourScriptNameHere the random Numbers are colors so put the color codes in since it seems that Hawkee doesnt wanna show them or my computers erroring one of the 2 and also u need to set %coder to show who coded ur script same way as %script was done for the noobs that dont know how

Menu Channel {
  .{=(_Script Stat_)=}: { 
    Say 14{15=14(15_4 $+ I Am Useing %script 15_14 $+ )15=14}
    Say 14{15=14(15_4 $+ Coded By PhantoM (Death) $+ 15_14)15=14}
    Say 14{15=14(15_4 $+ Running Windows $os $+ 15_14)15=14}
    say 14{15=14(15_4 $+ Scripts Loaded $Script(0) $+ 15_14)15=14}
    say 14{15=14(15_4Hard Drive Space: $round($calc(($disk(c).free + $disk(d).free + $disk(e).free + $disk(f).free)/1048576000),1) Gig15 $+ _14)15=14}
    say 14{15=14(15_4 $+ Running mIRC Version $Version $+ 15_14)15=14}
    Say 14{15=14(15_4 $+ mIRC Uptime $uptime(mirc,1) $+ 15_14)15=14}
    say 14{15=14(15_4 $+ System Uptime $uptime(system,1) $+ 15_14)15=14} 


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Silo   -  Jan 31, 2010

This is correct:

05:30pm                • Vista

Though I am running Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

Jethro   -  Jan 31, 2010

If I'm correct, the $os identifier under windows 7 will still return Vista. I've heard that this matter will be corrected in the upcoming version.

Silo   -  Jan 31, 2010

I'm probably just being pedantic, bbut I'd much rather use $chr(3) $chr(2) & $chr(31) respectively to bold, underline or colour text. Still a neat little snippet.

Pkxpkz   -  Jan 31, 2010

Pretty neat. I like it.

D34th   -  Dec 30, 2009

ah didnt know it @Silo but thanks for that info and i know sunslayer but it looks better =]

sunslayer   -  Dec 30, 2009

no need for the first $+ in the beginning of each line

Silo   -  Dec 29, 2009

Fordlawnmower posted a comprehensive one two days ago.

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