Auto Identify

By PLaYa on Dec 27, 2009

It is a Code i Made for bots to auto identify it self its easy to use <<>>iNC

on me*:join:#:ns identify Pass                                                    %C8ScRiPT CrEaTE BY <<<<<< PLaYa >>>>>> iNC...


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Destiny98   -  Dec 05, 2011

Works better than scripts from mirc Pro's i'll like it.

bugboy1028   -  Dec 31, 2009

This is such stupid script I have see in my life!

Make a big script but not this small script!

Jethro   -  Dec 28, 2009

That line of code gives me a deja vu. PLaYa, get your act together and stop ripping people and claim their work as your own. Keep on doing this only degrades yourself and be looked down upon.

P.S. your posted code is going to fail because of a missing colon in your join event.> on me**:***:join:#: Without that colon, every user join will trigger the script.

napa182   -  Dec 28, 2009


WTF is %C8ScRiPT
LMAO somthing you ripped from somwhere else???

sorry bro like i said maybe you should go learn msl scripting before you even post a snippet....

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