Unban on Ban Script

By ChiefDean on Dec 02, 2009

Hello. this is my first script. but believe me this script works.

I've always hated when someone would ban me and i would have to tell chanserv to unban me so i could rejoin the channel. well this does all the dirty work for you. all you have to do is post this in your remotes. and when you are banned in a channel that you have at least @ in it will automatically unban you and make you rejoin the channel.

-How it works-
If the script sees a ban in any channel that you have OP in. It firstly takes all OP status from the person banning you, then it sets mode +e for you so you can rejoin the channel even if you are banned, then it unbans you from the channel, then invites you to the channel just in case they set mode +i as well. Furthermore it gives you OP status on the channel in case the person whom banned you took away your OP status, then it finally bans the person who banned you and kicks them from the channel. ALL OF THIS HAPPENS IN ONE SECOND, so you can rejoin asap.

on *:ban:#:{ if $banmask iswm $address($me,5) { 
chanserv SOP $chan DEL $nick
chanserv HOP $chan DEL $nick
chanserv AOP $chan DEL $nick
chanserv VOP $chan DEL $nick
mode $chan +e $me
msg chanserv unban $chan
msg chanserv invite $chan
join $chan 
msg chanserv voice $chan
msg chanserv op $chan
msg chanserv protect $chan
ban $chan $nick
kick $chan $nick Oh no you didn't } }

Kick Message :P


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chachin   -  Mar 03, 2012

um what if you dont have access to /cs sop/aop/hop/vop #chan remove nick ? what u do next :P

PLaYa   -  Dec 27, 2009

top Script

ChiefDean   -  Dec 13, 2009

lol thanks pepper

PePpEr   -  Dec 03, 2009

great work dude 7/10

PePpEr   -  Dec 03, 2009

lol yhea... the good ol days
and the rush was awsom, like "eat shit mofo"
lol then you watch him try rejoin.
the best fun is getting up to shit! till today ill join a random server just to fuck the ops around then they like "OMFW how did you do that" creating great scripts that work it's what we all love and enjoy.

Jethro   -  Dec 02, 2009

I know It's hard to please our inner child when one thing we all want and need is to have fun.

Ghost-writer   -  Dec 02, 2009

I remember when i was a little skiddie, an unbanning script excited me, the good old days.. everything was so simple.. Back then, this would of got a 100/10 :) now, it gets a... 6, does its job, there are a lot better versions of it, not very original. And theres no FANCY - WITH COLOURS. kick msg :<.

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