Quiet Kill

By joshschooley444 on Dec 02, 2009

This is a snippet to allow easier removal of a person from the server, instead of allowing those annoying kill messages, this snippet removes the user from all channels, then has a 2 second delay and kills them.
It has an alias, and a channel popup. Just copy into remotes and right click in any channel.
You must be and IRCop with the power to /sajoin, and /kill.
Tested and works on UnrealIRCd. I don't know about any other Daemons though.
I've never heard or seen another script like it so please don't rip it.

#Scripted by Google (not the search engine)
#/server -m irc.flamechat.com 6667
#/server -m evirc.ath.cx 6667

Alias Pkill {
  set %pkill $$?="Nick:"
  sajoin %pkill 0
  timer 1 2 kill %pkill Google's Parting Kill
menu channel {


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SnoooP   -  Dec 05, 2009

joshschooley444: I doubt people will rip it to be honest. And if even they did it is an impossibility to find out if they did..

It's quite usefull though =)

btw gooshie ripped your script.. lol

joshschooley444   -  Dec 03, 2009

I know, I was just asking that people don't, I know I can't stop them. I would hope people have the morality to not claim someones else's idea as their own, but I know I cannot stop people.

Jethro   -  Dec 03, 2009

Ok, but the point being, you can't stop people from "ripping" your code once you've released it to the public. The only path you can take to prevent it from being ripped is to NOT submit it. Keep it to yourself.

P.S. The word "rip," in my opinion, is an overstatement in the public snippet submissions.

joshschooley444   -  Dec 03, 2009

No, this is entirely mine. My idea, and my code.

Master-Of-Death   -  Dec 03, 2009


Jethro   -  Dec 03, 2009

Will the real jonesy44 please stand up?

PePpEr   -  Dec 03, 2009

/me gets the handcuffs from under his bed

^Neptune   -  Dec 03, 2009

I seriously thought jonesy44 posted this from the name.

Jethro   -  Dec 03, 2009

If ripping is a crime, so be it...:P Yeah I'ma rip it apart however I want. Now arrest me.

gooshie   -  Dec 02, 2009

ok.. i won't rip it.. instead i will do this:

menu Nicklist {
  Terminate $1:sajoin $$1 0 | timer 1 2 kill $1 DIE! Don't come back!

now don't rip mine! lol

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