By sunslayer on Nov 21, 2009

besides the basic calc functions (+-/) this can also do abbreviations for numbers ex: calc("1m+3k-2") will return "1002998" calc("1.1m+1m") will return "2100000" calc("1.52") will return "3"

this will also calculate powers (^) and modulos (%)

  function calc($a) {
    foreach ($a as $b => $c) {
      if (preg_match($functions,$c)) {
    while ($d<=count($num)) {
      if (preg_match("/./",$sign1)) {
        switch ($sign1) {
          case "+":
          case "-":
          case "*":
          case "/":
          case "^":
            while ($x) {
          case "%":
      }else return $num3;
    }return $num3;
  function iif($if,$T,$F) {
    if ($if) return $T;
    else return $F;
  function rep($num) {
    if (preg_match("/.*\.(.*)/",$num,$len)&&preg_match("/[a-z]/i",$num)) {
    }elseif (preg_match("/.*\.(.*)/",$num,$len)&&!preg_match("/[a-z]/i",$num))
    return $num;
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sunslayer   -  Nov 23, 2009

ye it is pretty if u use it for that purpose but the main reason i made this was for calculating like "1m+2.4m" etc.

^Neptune   -  Nov 23, 2009

Good snippet, nice use of case statements.

However it is a tad useless since you can just do

variable = variable + 1
variable += 1

and such.

I would rather just use built in functionalities than having to include a function in every PHP script. Still, nice example though.

sunslayer   -  Nov 21, 2009

lies[quote] Calculator

PHP Code [/quote]

Ghost-writer   -  Nov 21, 2009

nubcake is this mirc or php?

[quote] Calculator mIRC Code [/quote]

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