Auto script-file text locator

By grasshopper on Nov 17, 2009

This code searches all loaded *.mrc files for the search string.
If the search string is found, each occurrence of the search string,
along with the file name and line number, is displayed in a custom window.

Furthermore, double-clicking a line in the custom window will automatically
open the corresponding script file and place the cursor at the beginning of
the line containing the search term.

I also use similar code to list every occurrence of an alias, which I find
particularly useful in debugging.

I hope it works OK for others.

; Usage : /searchfor sometext
; and double-click an item in the resulting window
alias searchfor {
  window -l -t30 @search | clear @search
  %scripts = $script(0)
  %searchTerm = $$1-
  while %scripts {
    filter -fkn $script(%scripts) extract *
    dec %scripts

on *:close:@search: {
  unset %scripts
  unset %searchterm

alias extract {
  if %searchterm isin $1- {
    aline @search  4 $+ $script(%scripts)12 $chr(9) $+ 12 $+ $1-
menu @search {
  dclick: {
    var %selected = $line(@search,$1,1)
    tokenize 32 %selected
    var %scriptFile = $strip($1)
    var %scriptline = $strip($2)
    var %nopath = $nopath(%scriptfile)
    clipboard %nopath
    showmirc -s 
    sendkeys % $+ r $+ % $+ r $+ ^ $+ m $+ ^ $+ v $+ {enter}
    timer -m 1 500 /gotoLine %scriptLine

alias -l gotoLine {
  clipboard $1
  sendkeys ^ $+ g $+ ^ $+ v $+ {enter}

alias -l sendkeys {
  var %object = sendkeys $+ $ticks
  .comopen %object WScript.Shell
  if ($com(%object)) { .comclose %object $com(%object,SendKeys,3,bstr,$1-) }


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Cracker200   -  Nov 18, 2009

and /me pee's on p0tat3rs

Cracker200   -  Nov 18, 2009


p0tat3rs   -  Nov 18, 2009

It wouldn't hurt to have the script search through *.ini files as well... as some users tend to save their scripts with that extension. I'm a tad too lazy to look at the actual functionality of the code, but as far as looking clean goes: not too bad, though I'd advise against use of "|".

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