Whois Watcher

By SnoooP on Nov 06, 2009

When somebody whois's you it will open a window called @whois and then echo who whois'd you & at what time & date...

Obviously you need to be an ircop on a server for this to work, or have the appropriate modes set

if you right click and select 'Whois Counter' it will tell you how many times you have been whois'd

#whoiswatch on
on *:SNOTICE:*whois on you*: {
  if (!%x) { set -u10 %x on 
    window @Watcher
    echo @Watcher 10[15Whois Watcher10]15-=-10[15 $+ $2 $+ 10]15 @ 10[15 $+ $3 $+ 10]15 Whois'd you at 10[15 $+ $time $+ 10]15 on 10[15 $+ $date $+ 10]15 on server 10[15 $+ $server $+ 10] 
    /inc %whoiscount 1 
    return $tip(Whois, Whois'd By, $2 $3,,,,whoisreply)
#whoiswatch end

Menu channel,status {
Whois Watcher
  .Whois Counter:  echo -a  [Counter] I have been whois'd [ %whoiscount ] times.
  .Enable Whois Watcher:/enable #whoiswatch
  .Disable Whois Watcher:/disable #whoiswatch


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SnoooP   -  Feb 19, 2011

Glad you like it :)

Hrki   -  Feb 18, 2011

Awesome snippet, very usefully

SnoooP   -  Feb 05, 2011

No problem :P

Soubi   -  Nov 17, 2010

Sorry Snooop v.v

SnoooP   -  Nov 11, 2010

I use $tip and @window, you use echo -a. Two similar scripts, with very different outputs.

Date Added Nov 06, 2009
Last Updated Jan 12, 2010

Date Added Jul 09, 2010
Last Updated Sep 09, 2010

Jethro   -  Nov 10, 2010

Soubi, please let's not go there.

Soubi   -  Nov 10, 2010

:P kinda looks like mine SnoooP..in fact...about a little over 70% does look like mine :D
also..nice addition to the window... o.O only think i could think of was the on and off switch on mine

SnoooP   -  Nov 10, 2010

divider you need to be an ircop or you need to be able to set mode +W on yourself, although most servers don't allow you to set +W on yourself but you can try by going onto your chosen server and doing "//mode $me +W" in your status window, if it works, then you can see who whoises you, if it doesn't work, the script wont work.

divider   -  Nov 08, 2010

so if i'm not ircop i cant use this? or any other @whois script?

SnoooP   -  Jan 12, 2010

Update so a $tip displays when somebody whoiss you, also they can only whois once every ten seconds to avoid lameness... still includes the window though incase you are not at the computer you can still see who done it.

SnoooP   -  Nov 10, 2009

=( now i'm sad

sunslayer   -  Nov 09, 2009

sorry SnoooP, Grant-'s only left me a few cookies...

SnoooP   -  Nov 09, 2009

no problem.. happy to help

sunslayer can I have a cookie too :D

RemmyHero   -  Nov 07, 2009

Thanks so much dude, I've been looking for this everywhere!

sunslayer   -  Nov 07, 2009

/me stalks Grant- and stealz all his cookies

Grant-   -  Nov 07, 2009

/me attempts to stalk you on your server to bug you

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