AUTHED !cycle and !identify script

By SketchDrawer on Nov 06, 2009

Hi. I found this useful for when I need to cycle my bot when he is not running on my computer.
VERY simple script, I don't know if it should be authed, but yeah.
Type !cycle to cycle.
Also with !identify its useful when I forget to identify, so I can just do this from my per-say Iphone. (Yes I know I could just auto-identify, this is just for people who don't want to/cant.

EDIT: Now authed AND Made it so you may select to cycle a certain channel by typing:
!cycle ChannelToCycle

CHANGE BOTOWNERSNICK To The owners nickname

on *:TEXT:!cycle *:#: {
  if ($nick == BOTOWNERSNICK) { 
    cycle $2- 

on *:TEXT:!identify:#: {
  if ($nick == Hero88go) { 
    /identify PASSWORDHERE 


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blitzz   -  Nov 08, 2009

Everyone can use your nick even 60 sec then type !identify..maybe better msg the bot to

on *:open:?:{
  if (passwordhere iswm $1-) {
    ns identify passwordhere  
  close -m

You also can add "&& ($nick == YourNick)" after the iswm event..

SketchDrawer   -  Nov 08, 2009

Now AUTHED! And you can choose channel to cycle!

sunslayer   -  Nov 07, 2009
 on *:TEXT:!identify:#:{ identify $1- } 

then the entire channel would see your pass

SketchDrawer   -  Nov 07, 2009

@Cracker: I dont see the need for that when mine is shorter. I guess thats just a more advanced complicated way to do it, so thanks! :)

blitzz   -  Nov 06, 2009


 on *:TEXT:{ !cycle:#: cycle $chan } 

I think you put the { in a wrong place..

sunslayer   -  Nov 06, 2009

cycle is a server command so it will only work if the server ur on supports it
you can also use mIRC's /hop which serves the same purpose or add an alias called cycle in your aliases tab

cycle { part $1 | join $1 }
Dicaste   -  Nov 06, 2009

"cycle $chan"

not working ...

on ^*:TEXT:.cycle:#:{
  if ( $nick isop $chan ) {
    /part $chan 15CYCLE REQUESTED
    .timercycle 1 1 /join $chan
Cracker200   -  Nov 06, 2009

Hm, why don't you do

 on *:TEXT:!identify:#: identify PASSWORDHERE
 on *:TEXT:!identify:#:{ identify $1- } 
 on *:TEXT:{ !cycle:#: cycle $chan } 
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