Optimized prime num method

By BrAndo on Nov 01, 2009

used to tell if a number is prime

you should find it a bit faster than your normal prime number algorithm

i'm not sure which compilers don't accept inline assembly, but i compiled in visual studio.

#include <cmath>

bool prime(unsigned n)
    switch (n)
        case 0:
        case 1:
            return false;
        case 2:
        case 3:
            return true;

    double dSq = sqrt((double)n);
    unsigned sqrt = (int)dSq;

    unsigned prime;
    // check 2 to sqrt for divisibility
        mov esi, n    
        mov edi, sqrt

        mov ebx, 1  
        mov ecx, 1   
        inc ecx       
        cmp ecx, edi   
        ja _end       
        mov eax, esi
        xor edx, edx
        div ecx
        cmp edx, 0 
        jne _loop
        mov ebx, 0

        mov prime, ebx
    return (prime == 1);


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