By Testor on Oct 20, 2009


FML alias. /FML to echo the results in the active window, /FML -s sends the TEXT info to current channel. the Link and the Information are still echo'd to active window to prevent spam.

;;; Aliases needed for colouring. Changing colour by changing "$Chr(3),12,$Chr(2)" to "Chr(3),<Colour>,$Chr(2)" $h is the main colour, $hh is the secondary colour.
alias -l h { return $+($chr(3),12,$chr(2),$chr(2),$1-,$chr(3),$chr(2),$chr(2)) }
alias -l hh { return $+($chr(3),14,$chr(2),$chr(2),$1-,$chr(3),$chr(2),$chr(2)) }
alias -l Tags { Return $+($hh([),$h($1-),$hh(]) $hh(—),$h(>),) }

alias FML {
  if ($Sock(FML)) { SockClose FML }
  Set %FMLOut $iif($1 = -s, Say, Echo -a)
  Sockopen FML 80
On *:SockOpen:FML: {
  Sockwrite -nt FML GET /lookup.php?type=fml
  SockWrite -nt FML Host:
  SockWrite -nt FML $crlf
on *:SockRead:FML: {
  if ($SockErr) { SockClose FML | SockOpen FML 80 }
  Var %FML 
  SockRead %FML
  if ($Regex(%FML,ID:)) { Set %FMLID $GetTok(%FML,2-,32) }
  if ($Regex(%FML,Cate:)) { Set %FMLCate $GetTok(%FML,2-,32) }
  if ($Regex(%FML,TEXT:)) { Set %FMLText $GetTok(%FML,2-,32) }
  if ($Regex(%FML,Agree:)) { Set %FMLAggree $Bytes($GetTok(%FML,2-,32),bd) }
  if ($Regex(%FML,Deserved:)) { Set %FMLDisaggree $Bytes($GetTok(%FML,2-,32),bd) }
  if ($Regex(%FML,Comments:)) { Set %FMLComments $Bytes($GetTok(%FML,2-,32),bd) }
  if ($Regex(%FML,END)) { SockClose FML }
  if (!$Sock(FML)) {
    %FMLOut $Tags(FML) $hh(FML:) $h(%FMLText)
    Echo -a $Tags(FML) $hh(Information:) $hh(Agreed:) $h(%FMLAggree) $hh($(|)) $hh(Deserved:) $h(%FMLDisaggree) $hh($(|)) $hh(Comments:) $h(%FMLComments) 
    Echo -a $Tags(FML) $hh(Link:) $h($+(,,/,%FMLCate,/,%FMLID,/,))
    Unset %FML*


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Testor   -  Nov 27, 2011

Because has a parser for FMLs, basically.
The problem was that they changed Text: {FMLTEXT} to TEXT.

Seems to be fixed now (on 7.19), fixed a colouring issue aswell where the main text wasn't the right colour (supposed to be blue, but I had already set it to grey while it was still parsing the content) and uploaded a proper screenshot.

Jethro   -  Nov 26, 2011

My FML script uses the official website at:

I don't get why you want to use , which is not affiliated with FML.

Lucius   -  Nov 26, 2011

Thanks. I think I'll attempt some hodgepodge grafting, see if I can get the details from this one and the actual text from yours lol
(minus the link of course, not worth that 3rd line)

Sorry Testor but it's true.

Jethro   -  Nov 26, 2011

Lucius, mine still works:

Lucius   -  Nov 25, 2011

No longer works :[
fml must have changed a little of the site, no text but the ratings are all there.

GoldFish   -  Jun 13, 2010


AnaBotNowYourGone   -  Jun 09, 2010

Good FML script. :)

MashhitDK   -  Jun 09, 2010

Thanks... nice work.

Jonesy44   -  Oct 27, 2009

Some versions of mIRC do not have "/say" already, i would use;

$iif($1 == -s,$iif($active,$v1,echo -a),echo -a)
Testor   -  Oct 20, 2009

Thanks :o.
/Say works for all the scripts i use :o.

Ghost-writer   -  Oct 20, 2009

Great, nice speed! and excellent use of sockets. also the colours are sexy :P. 7/10 - Alask,

Set %FMLOut $iif($1 = -s, say, Echo -a)

You cannot use say in a script last i recall, it will return you are not on a channel :(.

Set %FMLOut $iif($1 = -s, msg $active, Echo -a)

That would of been better :(

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